Add a TicketSource Link

How to add a TicketSource link to your event listings

Take a look at both these links

You will see at the foot of the description a TicketSource image and it links to the relevant production at TicketSource.This is easy to add to your production listings. Full instructions have been added to the “How To Add A Diary Date or Audition” page of the website and at the foot of this post..

TicketSource has been singled out in this instance because it is the Company that most of you have chosen to use when your ticket purchase is online but it is a principle that can be applied to any other online ticketing service.

For those of you that don’t use an online ticketing service it’s a good idea to include in the description a telephone number / email address where anybody looking at the event can purchase a ticket.

Providing a link to ticket purchase wherever possible can only be good, it will help to capture the time-pressured buyer because it saves them going back and trawling around through your website etc.

Instructions for adding a TicketSource link to your GMDF event listing.

Go to and log in.

Home screen – click on view/modify productions at the bottom of the screen. Click on the production you wish to modify.

In the description box start a new line and click on the little “insert/edit image” icon, this is in the middle of the second row of icons.

A little box will come up and the cursor will be flashing in the “source” box. Copy the following code and paste it into the Source box.

In the image description box enter   Ticket Source Buy Tickets Logo

Ignore the dimensions box (it will automatically be populated with 118×88), click on OK

You will now see that the TicketSource buy tickets logo has appeared in the description box.

Next we will insert the link to your Ticket Source page.

Click on the image, this will create a frame around it with little squares at regular intervals. Next click on the icon immediately to the left of the insert/edit image icon. It looks like a chain link or paperclip. A box will appear and the cursor will be flashing in the URL box. In here you need to enter the URL of your TicketSource account. Heald Green’s looks like this, Woodford Players looks like this , Summerseat Players looks like this and yours will be similar. If in doubt go to your website and click on the Ticket Source buy tickets image and the code you need to insert here will appear in the address bar of your browser. Just copy and paste it.

In the Title box add the following Link to (enter your society here) TicketSource Page

Ignore Target and click on OK

All you have to do now is click on the little Edit Production box at the bottom of the window and you’re done, simple! Anybody now looking at this event will be able to make an instant ticket purchase without having to trawl through your website.

For those of you familiar with code, go to Tools in the Description Box and hit <>source. Paste in the following code, amended where highlighted, for your society.

<p><a title=”Link to Your Society TicketSource Page” href=” society’s ticketsource handle“><img src=”” alt=”Ticket Source Buy Tickets Logo” width=”118″ height=”88″ /></a></p>

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