Thank you to everyone who attended the awards night dinner last night, your support is much appreciated.

Here are the Full Length Festival Nominations and winners for the 2017 -2018 season.  As Sue said in her opening speech, whilst not everyone walks away with the trophy, to receive a nomination is a massive achievement in itself and it’s important not to lose sight of that so many congratulations to you all, keep on doing what you do.

The Drama Shield (overall best Drama production) was won by Summerseat Players for their production of Moon Over Buffalo

As ever, our thanks to our adjudicators Ian, Nigel, Carmel and David for their hard work and commitment to the adjudication process.

Please use the search box on the top right hand side of the table to find quickly what you are looking for. You can search any term at all, eg “Technical” which will result in a list of all the Technical nominations, or you could also search for your society or your name. eg: searching “Carmel Technical” will bring up Carmel’s Technical nominations. To view the table on small screen devices simply swipe left.

DavidEsme MatherSusan LawrenceBigPrestwich ADOSBest Actress
DavidRosie PlummerNina RosarioIn The HeightsMossley AODSBest Actress
DavidWinnerSamantha BatesMama RoseGypsyMossley AODSBest Actress
DavidCharlotte AllenEliza DoolittleMy Fair LadyBrookdale TheatreBest Actress
IanKim ArmstonJulia Darrow / BeccaDead Guilty / Rabbit HoleBolton Little TheatreBest Actress
IanJennifer LeeMargaret HaddrellDead GuiltyBolton Little TheatreBest Actress
IanWinnerSue MooneyMiss ShepherdThe Lady in the VanWoodford PlayersBest Actress
IanAbbie JonesCatherineProofSummerseat PlayersBest Actress
IanFreya FultonShelleyLadies' DayNorthenden PlayersBest Actress
CarmelTracy BurnsAnnaOld TimesCHADS TheatreBest Actress
CarmelWinnerJane MurphyConnieAlbert NobbsFarnworth Little TheatreBest Actress
CarmelHeather SchofieldNell GwynnNell GwynnRomiley Little TheatreBest Actress
CarmelJacqueline WhebleBette DavisBette and JoanCHADS TheatreBest Actress
NigelJoy PlowesKaren NashPlaza SuiteFarnworth Little TheatreBest Actress
NigelJo FarrowGloriaBrassed OffMossley AODSBest Actress
NigelJoan Taylor-JonesBelindaSeason's GreetingsCHADS TheatreBest Actress
NigelJean NicholsonMiss ShepherdLady in the VanDroylsden Little TheatreBest Actress
NigelWinnerLindsey EavisCharlotte HayMoon over BuffaloSummerseat PlayersBest Actress
DavidWinnerDarren FrickerBernadettePriscilla Queen Of The DesertHeywood AODSBest Actor
DavidTickNick AngusPriscilla Queen Of The DesertHeywood AODSBest Actor
DavidNiel LingwoodProfessor HigginsMy Fair LadyBrookdale TheatreBest Actor
DavidSimon SullivanDame Sarah The CookDick WhittingtonHyde Little TheatreBest Actor
DavidRhys NuttallUsnavi de la VegaIn The HeightsMossley AODSBest Actor
DavidPeter FittonFaginOliverSaddleworth Musical SocietyBest Actor
DavidPeter RigneyJosh BaskinBigPrestwich ADOSBest Actor
IanMike Gallagher / John LomaxAlan BennettThe Lady in the VanWoodford PlayersBest Actor
IanWinnerJohn O' ConnellLeslie/MaureenA Different Way HomeWhitefield GarrickBest Actor
IanKeith FenwickRoger MorimerDear LupinBrookdale TheatreBest Actor
IanPaul ReidAlApril in ParisHeald Green Theatre Co.Best Actor
CarmelAdrian BarrowdaleDeeleyOld TimesCHADS TheatreBest Actor
CarmelChristian BrabinAlan TuringBreaking The CodeMarco PlayersBest Actor
CarmelWinnerDaniel ClynesCS LewisShadowlandsWhitefield GarrickBest Actor
CarmelRobin ThompsonAlbert NobbsAlbert NobbsFarnworth Little TheatreBest Actor
CarmelIan WilkinsonSherlock HolmesThe Hound of the BaskervillesPlayers TheatreBest Actor
NigelStephen DaviesBillyBilly LiarWhitefield GarrickBest Actor
NigelChristopher DunnJeevesJeeves and WoosterSummerseat PlayersBest Actor
NigelChris ElkesAlfieriA View from the BridgeFarnworth Little TheatreBest Actor
NigelWinnerDavid RhodesAlan TuringBreaking the CodeThe Rossendale PlayersBest Actor
NigelGlenn RobinsonGeorge BrownThe Pitman PaintersBolton Little TheatreBest Actor
DavidWinnerLaura Meredith-HoyleLouiseGypsyMossley AODSBest Supporting Actress
DavidAlison Foy-ThackwellAbuela ClaudiaIn The HeightsMossley AODSBest Supporting Actress
DavidAlison StarrsNancyOliverSaddleworth Musical SocietyBest Supporting Actress
DavidKatherine FarrowCarlaIn The HeightsMossley AODSBest Supporting Actress
DavidKyanna CronshawSister Mary RobertsSister ActWhitefield AODSBest Supporting Actress
IanRachael HarrisonJane FullerOne for the RoadLyceum Theatre OldhamBest Supporting Actress
IanAnne FielderDoris JuddThe Thrill of LoveRossendale PlayersBest Supporting Actress
IanWinnerAlison BowersMrs Beech / GladGoodnight Mr. TomHyde Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
IanJenny SmithMrs Joyce TindleEnlightenmentCarver TheatreBest Supporting Actress
IanMegan ThorburnPolly PerkinsThere Goes the BridePlayers TheatreBest Supporting Actress
CarmelPat HillAlice/RoseAlbert NobbsFarnworth Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
CarmelHayley JohnsonNancyNell GwynnRomiley Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
CarmelWinnerCarly LomaxKathleenFlamingolandPhoenix TheatreBest Supporting Actress
CarmelCaroline WeekesJanetRutherford and SonWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actress
NigelZoe MolyneauxRitaBilly LiarWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actress
NigelRani JacksonPattieSeason's GreetingsCHADS TheatreBest Supporting Actress
NigelJennifer LeeHelen SutherlandThe Pitman PaintersBolton Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
NigelMargaret SpeakesBettyCurtain UpTyldesley Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
NigelWinnerCatherine CropperCatherineA View from the BridgeFarnworth Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
DavidGordon RussellMr GrimwigOliverSaddleworth Musical SocietyBest Supporting Actor
DavidSteve JohnsonChucklesSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs.Carver TheatreBest Supporting Actor
DavidJon CrebbinHerbieGypsyMossley AODSBest Supporting Actor
DavidWinnerJon CrebbinKevin RosarioIn The HeightsMossley AODSBest Supporting Actor
DavidAndy AltreeColonel PickeringMy Fair LadyBrookdale TheatreBest Supporting Actor
IanRodney BracewellMr ShanksHabeas CorpusBrookdale TheatreBest Supporting Actor
IanSeb LassandroDr Little / Ticket CollectorGoodnight Mr. TomHyde Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
IanTom DawsonDr Gerald GrimmondThere Goes the BridePlayers TheatreBest Supporting Actor
IanWinnerTom ChinneryJoe, Fred, Jim, Patrick, Kevin & BarrieLadies’ DayNorthenden PlayersBest Supporting Actor
CarmelChris BillingtonSir Henry BaskervilleThe Hound of the BaskervillesPlayers TheatreBest Supporting Actor
CarmelDavid BurnsDr WatsonThe Hound of the BaskervillesPlayers TheatreBest Supporting Actor
CarmelWinnerTim CooperThe ClownThe Winter’s TaleWilmslow Green Room SocietyBest Supporting Actor
CarmelChris ElkesWarnieShadowlandsWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actor
CarmelMichael HowellsLord ArlingtonNell GwynnRomiley Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
CarmelKevin SiddallLouis HarveyThe LadykillersDroylsden Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
NigelJames HaslamCanon ThrobbingHabeas CorpusMarco PlayersBest Supporting Actor
NigelWinnerDean Dixon-FosterDennis WicksteadHabeas CorpusMarco PlayersBest Supporting Actor
NigelMike BullimoreOrmanroydWhen we are MarriedCHADS TheatreBest Supporting Actor
NigelStephen McGillivrayMugsyThe ReunionEdgefold PlayersBest Supporting Actor
NigelDean LaneYoung LadThe Pitman PaintersBolton Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
DavidJess PorterSherrieRock Of AgesPrestwich ADOSBest Youth Performer Female
DavidLucy WhiteRizzoGreaseCATS Youth TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
DavidMaddison ThewArtful DodgerOliverSaddleworth Musical SocietyBest Youth Performer Female
DavidHolly DewsnapBaby JuneGypsyMossley AODSBest Youth Performer Female
DavidWinnerDalia KayDelorisSister ActWhitefield AODSBest Youth Performer Female
DavidCaitlin BrownePatsyGreaseCATS Youth TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
DavidElliot MillsBilly KopeckiBigPrestwich ADOSBest Youth Performer Male
DavidBilly CurridEugeneGreaseCATS Youth TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
DavidWinnerKemi ClarkeLonnyRock Of AgesPrestwich ADOSBest Youth Performer Male
DavidElliot HogbenDanny ZukoGreaseCATS Youth TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
IanWinnerEmilie FieldingBetty ParrisThe CrucibleMarco PlayersBest Youth Performer Female
IanAnna RichardsonMrs Annie Hartridge / LondonerGoodnight Mr. TomHyde Little TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
IanMia HadjigeorgiouBarbara CahounThe Happiest Days of Your LifeSummerseat PlayersBest Youth Performer Female
IanWinnerJude SidesJasonRabbit HoleBolton Little TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
IanAdam CromptonWilliam BeechGoodnight Mr. TomHyde Little TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
IanBen LythePuppeteer / Sammy the DogGoodnight Mr. TomHyde Little TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
IanHenry FarmerHopcroft MinorThe Happiest Days of Your LifeSummerseat PlayersBest Youth Performer Male
CarmelAnamika ChowLucy & MillyConfusionsPlayers TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelWinnerGabrielle HarrisonChrisRumoursMacclesfield ADSBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelCertificateDaisy JordanMacbethMacbethCHADS TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelKirsty TurpinMamillius & PerditaThe Winter's TaleWilmslow Green Room SocietyBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelLi ChowGosforthConfusionsPlayers TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
CarmelWinnerHenry FarmerZachGoodnight Mr TomSummerseat PlayersBest Youth Performer Male
CarmelJacob IrelandLady MacbethMacbethCHADSBest Youth Performer Male
CarmelNiall McGovernFlorizel & DionThe Winter's TaleWilmslow Green Room SocietyBest Youth Performer Male
CarmelToby MetcalfThe WaiterConfusionsPlayers TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
NigelWinnerNatasha DunnHeroMuch Ado about NothingPlayers TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
NigelTallulah HowarthLibrarian / MaidBlue StockingsMacclesfield ADSBest Youth Performer Female
NigelWinnerBen HadfieldYoung ShaneBrassed OffMossley AODSBest Youth Performer Male
NigelHarry Chalmers-MorrisRaleighJourney's EndCarver TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
NigelGeorge ReaveyWill BennettBlue StockingsMacclesfield ADSBest Youth Performer Male
DavidPaige KaySharpay EvansHigh School MusicalBrookdale TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidRachel SlaterNarratorJoseph & Technicolour DreamcoatSt. Phillip's Junior WorkshopBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidWinnerEm CohenAmanda FeelgoodFeelgood AcademyCATS Youth TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidHolly MeadowsBella Derrydown-WebbFeelgood AcademyCATS Youth TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidLucy WhiteLucy HollandFeelgood AcademyCATS Youth TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidLucy GroganMiss HanniganAnnieHeywood AODS Hey KidsBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidAdam GibsonButtonsCinderellaPlayers Youth TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidWinnerAlfie HarrisWarbucksAnnieHeywood AODS Hey KidsBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidAidy McLeanRyan EvansHigh School MusicalBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidElliot HogbenJason KohlFeelgood AcademyCATS Youth TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidQuinn TappendenJosephJoseph - DreamcoatSt Phllip's Junior WorkshopBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidIn The HeightsMossley AODSTechnical AwardSet on two levels, including an excellent bridge effect in the background - including super, detailed dressing of the shops.
DavidWinnerPriscilla Queen Of The DesertHeywood AODSTechnical AwardExtensive array of costuming and skills in dressing the cast during the show.
DavidPuss In BootsSale NomadsTechnical AwardExcellent skills in painting of the backcloths which were of a high standard and fully provided a "fairy-tale" feel.
DavidJoseph and his Amazing Technicolour DreamcoatSt. Phillip's Junior WorkshopTechnical AwardAn excellent set fully capturing the Egyptian design, colour and look so essential to the geographical context of the story.
IanThe Thrill of LoveRossendale PlayersTechnical AwardEvocative & Stylised Lighting/Sound
IanThe Lady in the VanWoodford PlayersTechnical AwardFantastic set presentation and cleverly constructed van and garage
IanWinnerEnlightenmentCarver TheatreTechnical AwardIncredibly detailed Lighting / Sound / Projection
IanThe Vicar of DibleyCarver TheatreTechnical AwardWell-designed set/revolving stage
CarmelWinnerThe End of the AffairMacclesfield ADSTechnical AwardInteresting staging with atmospheric sound and lighting design
CarmelGoodnight Mr TomSummerseat PlayersTechnical AwardDetailed lighting plot and great use of music throughout the production
CarmelThe Hound of the BaskervillesPlayers TheatreTechnical AwardEffective presentation and continuous technical support throughout
CarmelThe LadykillersDroylsden Little TheatreTechnical AwardIntricate and attractive set design
CarmelNell GwynnRomiley Little TheatreTechnical AwardExciting presentation with excellent costume arrangement
CarmelShadowlandsWhitefield GarrickTechnical AwardImpressive lighting plot and creation of multiple scenes in a limited space
CarmelSpider's Web / Arsenic & Old LaceNorthenden PlayersTechnical AwardConvincing sets with lots of eye-catching features and plenty of atmosphere
NigelPlaza SuiteFarnworth Little TheatreTechnical AwardSet Design
NigelWinnerThe Lady KillersLyceum TheatreTechnical AwardCombination of lighting, sound and set design with associated SFX.
NigelThe Dinner PartyAltrincham Little TheatreTechnical AwardAn excellent set with tremendous detailed decoration
NigelSeason's GreetingsCHADS TheatreTechnical AwardAn impressive modern set with excellent lighting.
NigelMoon Over BuffaloSummerseat PlayersTechnical AwardAn excellent combination of set, lighting and sound design.
DavidJason TinneySister ActWhitefield AODSBest Choreographer
DavidSimon Fitzpatrick and Gary Jones-McCawIn The HeightsMossley AODSBest Choreographer
DavidWinnerKatie FryPriscilla Queen of the DesertHeywood AODSBest Choreographer
DavidRebekah RivettHigh School MusicalBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Choreographer
DavidEm CohenFeelgood AcademyCATS Youth TheatreBest Choreographer
DavidNicola Jayne McAree and Rebekah Louise BrownDick WhittingtonHyde Little TheatreBest Choreographer
DavidGary Jones-McCawGypsyMossley AODSBest Choreographer
DavidMatt CorriganPriscilla Queen Of The DesertHeywood AODSBest Musical Director
DavidAlasdair GordonAnnieHeywood AODS Hey KidsBest Musical Director
DavidSarah Osmond (rehearsal) and Simon Pickup (run)Sister ActWhitefield AODSBest Musical Director
DavidSteven SandifordRock of AgesPrestwich ADOS YouthBest Musical Director
DavidWinnerPaul FirthGypsyMossley AODSBest Musical Director
DavidClaire SweeneyMy Fair LadyBrookdale TheatreBest Musical Director
DavidWinnerCompany and Principals-especially Niel Lingwood and Charlotte Allen.Brookdale TheatreAdjudicator's AwardConsistently high acting skills through libretto and lyrics.
DavidDiane Hatton and Production team.Sale NomadsAdjudicator's AwardTo stage an excellent production of Oliver in just six weeks rehearsal. Also excellent use of a smaller group opening up individual performances in an effective Fagin's Gang.
DavidThe Divas – Shelley Roberts, Sarah Thewlis and Sarah HowarthHeywood AODSAdjudicator's AwardHigh vocal standard contribution to success of the show's sound and themes.
IanWinnerEdgefold PlayersAdjudicator's AwardThe commitment and teamwork involved in presenting theatre to the community without compromising quality
IanPhoenix Theatre CompanyAdjudicator's AwardAdapting to a variety of stages and venues from production to production without compromising on quality
IanConstruction/Design Crew of Dad’s Army/Around the World in 80 DaysNorthenden PlayersAdjudicator's AwardIngenious and skilful set building, props design and usage
IanThe Youth Cast of Goodnight Mr. TomHyde Little TheatreAdjudicator's AwardA wonderful gathering of talented young players
CarmelAbbie JonesSummerseat PlayersAdjudicator's AwardPuppeteer for Sammy the Dog in "Goodnight Mr Tom"
CarmelClare Lewis, Christine Unwin, Jane Hyde & Cherrill WycheWilmslow Green Room ocietySAdjudicator's AwardFor proving that there are no small parts in a play and turning 4 minor roles in the chorus into full-scale characters in "The Winter's Tale"
CarmelWinnerChris Billington, David Burns & Ian WilkinsonPlayers TheatreAdjudicator's AwardAn acting tour-de-force in "The Hound of the Baskervilles"
CarmelPhil Clegg, Ian Crickett & John FletcherOldham LyceumAdjudicator's AwardSuper characterisation and teamwork as the husbands in "When We Are Married"
CarmelTom MitchellUppermill Stage SocietyAdjudicator's AwardTaking responsibility for the lighting in "Gaslight"
NigelWinnerMargaret SpeakesTyldesley Little TheatreAdjudicator's AwardA comedy performance that demonstrated perfect timing and superb stage presence.
NigelA View from the BridgeFarnworth Little TheatreAdjudicator's AwardA detailed and expertly produced version of this well-known play. Done in the round creating very close emotional performances.
NigelThe Pitman PaintersBolton Little TheatreAdjudicator's AwardA well-considered and fascinating evening of theatre, with excellent production levels.
DavidStephanie BurnettMy Fair LadyBrookdale TheatreBest Director
DavidWinnerLee BrennanGypsyMossley AODSBest Director
DavidPhil HarrisonSister ActWhitefield AODSBest Director
DavidJo WeetmanPriscilla Queen Of The DesertHeywood AODSBest Director
DavidZoe PickeringHigh School MusicalBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Director
DavidSamuel MauriceIn The HeightsMossley AODSBest Director
IanFrances ClemmittRabbit HoleBolton Little TheatreBest Director
IanWinnerCarla StokesThe Lady in the VanWoodford PlayersBest Director
IanAndrew CloseA Different Way HomeWhitefield GarrickBest Director
IanPauline WalshRattle of a Simple ManLyceum Theatre, OldhamBest Director
IanDavid CarneyApril in ParisHeald Green Theatre CompanyBest Director
CarmelGaryk BarnettShadowlandsWhitefield GarrickBest Director
CarmelDavid WardThe Hound of the BaskervillesPlayers TheatreBest Director
CarmelPeter LarkinGoodnight Mr TomSummerseat PlayersBest Director
CarmelRichard ParkerThe LadykillersDroylsden Little TheatreBest Director
CarmelSue PentonNell GwynnRomiley Little TheatreBest Director
CarmelWinnerMike RogersonThe Winter's TaleWilmslow Green Room SocietyBest Director
NigelPaul WardPlaza SuiteFarnworth Little TheatreBest Director
NigelJason CromptonHabeas CorpusMarco PlayersBest Director
NigelGeoff SwordMoon Over BuffaloSummerseat PlayersBest Director
NigelWinnerSandra SimpsonThe Pitman PaintersBolton Little TheatreBest Director
NigelNorma RaifThe Lady in the VanDroylsden Little TheatreBest Director
DavidWinnerDick WhittingtonHyde Little TheatreBest Pantomime
DavidPuss In BootsSale NomadsBest Pantomime
DavidAladdinBolton Little TheatreBest Pantomime
DavidSnow White and the Seven DwarfsCarver TheatreBest Pantomime
DavidJack and the BeanstalkHeald Green Theatre CoBest Pantomime
DavidWinnerAnnieHeywood AODS Hey KidsBest Youth Theatre Production
DavidFeelgood AcademyCATS Youth TheatreBest Youth Theatre Production
DavidHigh School MusicalBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Youth Theatre Production
DavidJoseph and Technicolour DreamcoatSt. Phillip's Junior WorkshopBest Youth Theatre Production
DavidPriscilla Queen Of The DesertHeywood AODSBest Musical Production
DavidSister ActWhitefield AODSBest Musical Production
DavidMy Fair LadyBrookdale TheatreBest Musical Production
DavidWinnerGypsyMossley AODSBest Musical Production
DavidIn The HeightsMossley AODSBest Musical Production
IanRabbit HoleBolton Little TheatreBest Production
IanThe Lady in the VanWoodford PlayersBest Production
IanA Different Way HomeWhitefield GarrickBest Production
IanProofSummerseat PlayersBest Production
CarmelWinnerApril in ParisHeald Green Theatre CompanyBest Production
CarmelNell GwynnRomiley Little TheatreBest Production
CarmelThe Hound of the BaskervillesPlayers TheatreBest Production
CarmelThe LadykillersDroylsden Little TheatreBest Production
CarmelWinnerShadowlandsWhitefield GarrickBest Production
NigelThe Winter's TaleWilmslow Green Room SocietyBest Production
NigelThe Pitman PaintersBolton Little TheatreBest Production
NigelThe View from A BridgeFarnworth Litltle TheatreBest Production
NigelWinnerMoon Over BuffaloSummerseat PlayersBest Production
NigelHabeas CorpusMarco PlayersBest Production
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