Many thanks to everyone who attended the awards night dinner last night, your support is very much appreciated.

Here are the Full Length Festival Nominations and winners for the 2018 -2019 season.  Whilst not everyone walks away with the trophy, to receive a nomination is a massive achievement in itself and it’s important not to lose sight of that so many congratulations to you all, keep on doing what you do.

The Drama Shield (overall best Drama production) was won by Summerseat Players for their production of Morecambe

The Muriel Goodwin Trophy for outstanding contribution to the development and encouragement of young people in all aspects of amateur theatre was awarded to Paul Bracewell and Chris Balmer of Summerseat Players

The Athenaeum Rose Bowl for outstanding contribution to drama in amateur theatre by a SOCIETY was awarded to Northenden Players Theatre Club.

As ever, our thanks to our adjudicators Ian, Andrew, Carmel and David for their hard work and commitment to the adjudication process.

Please use the search box on the top right hand side of the table to find quickly what you are looking for. You can search any term at all, eg “Technical” which will result in a list of all the Technical nominations, or you could also search for your society or your name. eg: searching “Carmel Technical” will bring up Carmel’s Technical nominations. To view the table on small screen devices simply swipe left.


DavidAlison StarrsMrs LovettSweeney ToddSaddleworth Music SocBest Actress
DavidCathie Mortimer-RaeCharity ValentineSweet CharityBrookdale TheatreBest Actress
DavidEllie BirtlesCampbellBring It OnMossley AODSBest Actress
DavidWinnerIzzi FeldRoxie HartChicagoPrestwich ADOSBest Actress
DavidHelen Claire RoseMimiRentRochdale Musical Theatre CoBest Actress
DavidKatherine ReynoldsVelmaChicagoPrestwich ADOSBest Actress
IanDonna ClareKateDying to Leave Little HultonApeel Drama GroupBest Actress
IanLouise DavenportPaige PetiteRoleplayPhoenix Theatre CompanyBest Actress
IanKira RichardsonMaude ThomasThe King's OrphanGuide Bridge TheatreBest Actress
IanNatalie CromptonRuth EllisThe Thrill of LoveFarnworth Little TheatreBest Actress
IanWinnerKira Richardson /Katherine YarwoodMaxine/SuzanneOnce Upon a Time in WiganMossley AODSBest Actress
CarmelElizabeth DunnLady MacbethMacbethSummerseat PlayersBest Actress
CarmelJoyce ElderMiriam ChesterSnake in the GrassTyldesley Little TheatreBest Actress
CarmelMandy MallinsonFlorence Foster JenkinsGloriousDroylsden Little TheatreBest Actress
CarmelSuzanne CopelandAmandaPrivate LivesMacclesfield ADS
CarmelWinnerTracy BurnsMolly SweeneyMolly SweeneyChads TheatreBest Actress
AndrewWinnerNatalie CromptonSheilaDemolition ManMarco PlayersBest Actress
AndrewMary EllisLandladyTwoPlayers TheatreBest Actress
AndrewMargaret Marks and Irene SmithJanet and Ursula WiddingtonLadies in LavenderBolton Little TheatreBest Actress
AndrewEsme MatherKatMom's GiftFarnworth Little TheatreBest Actress
AndrewJulia TaylorBella ManninghamGaslightCarver TheatreBest Actress
DavidSam BateJesus ChristJesus Christ SuperstarWhitefield AODSBest Actor
DavidMartin BradburySweeney ToddSweeney ToddSaddleworth Musical Soc.Best Actor
DavidWinnerElliot O’BrartMarkRentRochdale Musical Theatre CoBest Actor
DavidMichael Jones McCawBill SnibsonMe and My GirlStockport Operatic SocietyBest Actor
DavidSimon FletcherBilly FlynnChicagoPrestwich ADOS Best Actor
DavidSamuel MauriceJerryThe Full MontyMossley AODSBest Actor
IanNigel MachinSirThe DresserNorthenden PlayersBest Actor
IanWinnerChris DunnEric MorecambeMorecambeSummerseat PlayersBest Actor
IanNathan SimpsonWilliam NorthThe King's OrphanGuide Bridge TheatreBest Actor
IanDeane Dixon-Foster/Frank WilliamsDanny/EugeneOnce Upon a Time in WiganMossley AODSBest Actor
IanIan WilkinsonStage ManagerOur TownDroylsden Little TheatreBest Actor
CarmelAndy CantillonElyotPrivate LivesMacclesfield ADSBest Actor
CarmelDaniel ClynesMacbethMacbethSummerseat PlayersBest Actor
CarmelDavid RhodesSidney BruhlDeathtrapRossendale PlayersBest Actor
CarmelWinnerJohn O’ConnellJackThe WeirWhitefield GarrickBest Actor
CarmelSandy McGregorMr RiceMolly SweeneyChads TheatreBest Actor
AndrewChris BillingtonLandlordTwoPlayers TheatreBest Actor
AndrewPaul FarmerFrancisOne Man, Two GuvnorsSummerseat PlayersBest Actor
AndrewWinnerAnthony Josephson and Adrian BarrowdaleJake and CharlieStones in His PocketsChads TheatreBest Actor
AndrewMatt RigbyCount DraculaDraculaMarco PlayersBest Actor
AndrewPeter ScofieldAugustin JeddDandy DickWhitefield GarrickBest Actor
DavidKyanna CronshawJoanneRentRochdale Musical Theatre Co.Best Supporting Actress
DavidSarah ThewlisAlice BeinekeThe Addams FamilyHeywood AODSBest Supporting Actress
DavidWinnerJordanne WoodwardBridgetBring It OnMossley AODSBest Supporting Actress
DavidLisa KayMaria DuchessMe and My GirlStockport Operatic SocietyBest Supporting Actress
IanWinnerChristine MortonArabella LazenbyRoleplayPhoenix Theatre CompanyBest Supporting Actress
IanCatherine CropperSammy the DogGoodnight Mr TomFarnworth Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
IanKayleigh SmithMrs NicklebyNicholas NicklebyMacclesfield ADSBest Supporting Actress
IanNathalie HaleyVicky MartinThe Thrill of LoveFarnworth Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
CarmelBex KeepingHelenaA Midsummer Night's DreamNorthenden PlayersBest Supporting Actress
CarmelCathryn Megan HughesAlice TinkerThe Vicar of DibleyTyldesley Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
CarmelRachel HarrisonBrittneyMom's GiftLyceum Theatre OldhamBest Supporting Actress
CarmelWinnerZoe MolyneuxTrixie MartinDaisy Pulls it OffMarco PlayersBest Supporting Actress
AndrewSue MooneyPhoebeMr WonderfulEdgefold PlayersBest Supporting Actress
AndrewTracey ParkerMary PlunkettA Bunch of AmateursRomiley Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
AndrewJoy PlowesM’LynnSteel MagnoliasPhoenix Theatre CompanyBest Supporting Actress
AndrewWinnerKimberley Riley-ShipperbottomBrittMom's GiftFarnworth Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
AndrewJenny SmithHenrietta AngkatellThe HollowCarver TheatreBest Supporting Actress
DavidJeff HarpinAnnasJesus Christ SuperstarWhitefield AODSBest Supporting Actor
DavidStuart DaviesCaiaphasJesus Christ SuperstarWhitefield AODSBest Supporting Actor
DavidAdam ThorntonOscar LindquistSweet CharityBrookdale TheatreBest Supporting Actor
DavidFrank DeanSir John TreymaneMe and My GirlStockport Operatic SocietyBest Supporting Actor
DavidTerry BanhamBenny BenjaminRentRochdale Musical Theatre CoBest Supporting Actor
DavidRob HaslamHaroldThe Full MontyMossley AODSBest Supporting Actor
DavidWinnerJeff HarpinDittoAladdinSale NomadsBest Supporting Actor
IanChris ElkesSir Robert MortonThe Winslow BoyWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actor
IanChris BalmerMr NeedhamNo Sex Please, We're BritishSummerseat PlayersBest Supporting Actor
IanWinnerDavid WilkinsonGride/LandlordNicholas NicklebyMacclesfield ADSBest Supporting Actor
IanJohn O'ConnellJack GaleThe Thrill of LoveFarnworth Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
CarmelDaniel CopeCosmeGloriousDroylsden LittleTheatreBest Supporting Actor
CarmelWinnerJason DunkFinbarThe WeirWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actor
CarmelMark LeighAlbert KeggsDamsel in DistressWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actor
CarmelSam McVeighLysanderA Midsummer Night's DreamNorthenden PlayersBest Supporting Actor
CarmelSteven Edward MaylottJimThe WeirWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actor
CarmelTom ChinneryPuckA Midsummer Night's DreamNorthenden PlayersBest Supporting Actor
AndrewIan Chatterton and Dominic PeberdyClownsThe 39 StepsHyde Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
AndrewChris DunnStanley StubbersOne Man, Two GuvnorsSummerseat PlayersBest Supporting Actor
AndrewPeter GaskellRoughGaslightCarver TheatreBest Supporting Actor
AndrewIan TaylorBertDemolition ManMarco PlayersBest Supporting Actor
AndrewWinnerRobin ThompsonDadMom's GiftFarnworth Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
DavidMacy CounsellEvaBring It OnMossley AODSBest Youth Performer Female
DavidWinnerImogen HartDanielleBring It OnMossley AODSBest Youth Performer Female
DavidKate JohnsonLittle JohnRobin HoodHyde Little TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
DavidGrace MarshallRapunzelRapunzelCarver TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
DavidMadeleine JonesMorticiaThe Addams FamilyPrestwich ADOSBest Youth Performer Female
DavidEve ReynoldsWednesdayThe Addams FamilyPrestwich ADOS Best Youth Performer Female
DavidWinnerSean BakerUncle FesterThe Addams FamilyPrestwich ADOSBest Youth Performer Male
DavidMax FletcherNathanThe Full MontyMossley AODSBest Youth Performer Male
DavidOliver GaskellEric de VereA Slice of Saturday NightCATS Youth TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
DavidElliot HogbenRickA Slice of Saturday NightCATS Youth TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
IanScarlett DeanAliceAlice's Adventures in WonderlandWilmslow Green RoomBest Youth Performer Female
IanWinnerNemone WolfendaleAda & Nancy/Angela/Mother SuperiorHindle Wakes &The Magdalen WhitewashPlayers/Youth TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
IanPhoebe ClaseAssumpta/Mrs DoolanThe Magdalen WhitewashPlayers Youth TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
IanMartha HoltRebecca WebbOur TownDroylsden Little TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
IanDevon CavanaghSydney GrundyDying to Leave Little HultonApeel Drama GroupBest Youth Performer Male
IanWinnerElliot MillsShaneBrassed OffPrestwich ADOSBest Youth Performer Male
IanMatthew HowellsRonnie WinslowThe Winslow BoyWhitefield GarrickBest Youth Performer Male
IanSam HiggsSister IgnatiaThe Magdalen WhitewashPlayers Youth TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
IanCharlie BoardmanJoe & Si CrowellOur TownDroylsden Little TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
CarmelAmelie MayouJudithThe AshgirlCygnetsBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelLizzie ElwellThe AshgirlThe AshgirlCygnetsBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelWinnerSophie FoulkesFairy in the MirrorThe AshgirlCygnetsBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelErin GreenGirlGirls Like ThatSummerseat PlayersBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelFreya GriffithsGirlGirls Like ThatSummerseat PlayersBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelJenny BalmerGirlGirls Like ThatSummerseat PlayersBest Youth Performer Female
CarmelJoe LomasPaulThe AshgirlCygnetsBest Youth Performer Male
CarmelMatthew BeanSadness & The ManThe AshgirlCygnetsBest Youth Performer Male
CarmelWinnerMichael DavisCorporal Jackson & Private WebsterEarly One MorningFarnworth LittleTheatreBest Youth Performer Male
AndrewWinnerAmelia Butterworth and Sophia AspinSusan and LucyThe Lion, The Witch and the WardrobeSummerseat PlayersBest Youth Performer Female
AndrewHannah HuddersmanAnneThe WardrobeChads TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
AndrewEloise WardAngelaKindly Leave the StageTyldesley Little TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
AndrewHenry FarmerEdmundThe Lion, The Witch and the WardrobeSummerseat PlayersBest Youth Performer Male
AndrewWinnerLaurence FarrowSpencerThe WardrobeChads TheatreBest Youth Performer Male
DavidLucy GroganShannonPopstars! The 90's MusicalHeywood AODS Hey KidsBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidPeri BaytanMaria RainerThe Sound of MusicBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidHope WilsonElsa SchraederThe Sound of MusicBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidWinnerRachel SlaterDot and QuennieHonkSt. Philip's Junior WorkshopBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidHolly GibsonQueen AvariceSnow White Seven DwarfsChes Youth Pantomime SocBest Performer in Youth Production Female
DavidWinnerRiccardo AthertonMarkPopstars! The 90's MusicalHeywood AODS Hey KidsBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidQuinn TappendenCatHonkSt. Philip's Junior WorkshopBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidRyan KirknessDame BucketSnow White Seven DwarfsChes Youth Pantomime SocBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidLuke BicknellPrince FerdinandSnow White Seven DwarfsChes Youth Pantomime SocBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidJolyon BensonMax DetweilerThe Sound of MusicBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Performer in Youth Production Male
DavidWinnerRyan Smart-StantonDame DollyDick WhittingtonBolton Little TheatreBest Performance in a Pantomime
DavidMatt SeberScupperDick WhittingtonBolton Little TheatreBest Performance in a Pantomime
DavidNigel CrebbinDame BeatrixRapunzelCarver TheatreBest Performance in a Pantomime
DavidGemma ManfrediSimple SimonJack & The BeanstalkTyldesley Little TheatreBest Performance in a Pantomime
DavidLisa HartleyKing RatDick WhittingtonPrestwich ADOSBest Performance in a Pantomime
DavidPaul LewisDame DilysRobin Hood and Babes In The WoodHeald Green Theatre Co.Best Performance in a Pantomime
DavidAngela CookeAladdinAladdinSale NomadsBest Performance in a Pantomime
DavidRentRochdale Musical Theatre CompanyTechnical AwardSet design and build (with super metal framed tree) allowing for various levels and areas of playing.
DavidBring It OnMossley AODSTechnical AwardSuper stage set, and a sprung floor/court for gymnastics and allowed playing to audience on three sides.
DavidWinnerSnow White and Seven DwarfsChes Youth Pantomime SocTechnical AwardDetailed and imaginative costuming.
DavidThe Addams FamilyHeywood AODSTechnical AwardLighting effects to fully bring out the gothic theme and sense of fun.
DavidChicagoPrestwich ADOSTechnical AwardExcellent lighting adding to the atmosphere and mood.
IanHeroesWilmslow Green RoomTechnical AwardA wonderfully evocative set.
IanSnake in the GrassRossendale PlayersTechnical AwardImaginative and effectively eerie set and sound/lighting effects
IanHindle WakesPlayers TheatreTechnical AwardAn astonishing transition from one scene to another
IanWinnerOnce Upon a Time in WiganMossley AODSTechnical AwardFor transporting us back to another time & place via music, film, lighting and an outstanding recreation of the Casino itself, including a genuine DJ!
CarmelThe AshgirlCygnetsTechnical AwardDetailed costume, hair and make-up for every member of a large cast
CarmelDamsel in Distress & The WeirWhitefield GarrickTechnical AwardFantastic use of space to create realistic and atmospheric presentations with creative scene changes
CarmelWinnerHarveyCarver TheatreTechnical AwardAn Impressive design of two settings with exciting theatrical scene changes
CarmelMacbeth & Girls Like ThatSummerseat PlayersTechnical AwardExciting use of lighting and sound to create atmosphere and tension
CarmelA Midsummer Night's DreamNorthenden PlayersTechnical AwardExcellent presentation and technical support to create the period & atmosphere
CarmelSnake in the GrassTyldesley LittleTheatreTechnical AwardA striking and resourceful presentation
AndrewThe 39 StepsHyde Little TheatreTechnical AwardSuperb scenic design: portable lamp-post, the getaway window, the country stile, free-standing doors, the furniture on castors, Scottish mist, the Forth Bridge. Lighting was ingenious and executed superbly: from the Forth Bridge gobo, to the very effective sequence of lights for the train scenes; from the coloured lights for the party to the snappy changes from scene to scene. The very many sound effects were superlative.
AndrewDraculaMarco PlayersTechnical AwardOnly 14-15 lamps were used, proving that you can do very much with very little. There were dozens of lighting changes all tightly focussed and cued accurately. There were no musical cues, and no recorded sound effects. This was a risky tactic. But it paid off. The whispering, stamping, shouts and wood blocks pushed the tension superbly. The ensemble’s vocal and physical effects overlaid and integrated into the acting to give us a fully unified and incredibly effective theatrical experience.
AndrewThe Thrill of LoveNorthenden PlayersTechnical AwardLighting and sound played major parts in this play’s success. Technical execution of these was tight, especially the synchronisation between camera shutters and bright, white flashes of light which were hugely effective. The sound was carefully chosen and deftly executed. The final trap door was chilling.
AndrewWinnerThe Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; One Man, Two Guv'norsSummerseat PlayersTechnical AwardThe main set, Narnia in winter, then Narnia in spring, looked fabulous in its simplicity. The set was dressed with splashes of practical elements. We also had a clever practical snow effect reinforced by lighting. This was bookended by scenes set in the Professor’s house. Necessity of speedy set changes and a unity of simple design gave us just the bare essentials: two beds, the wardrobe, a standard lamp. Nothing more was needed. The set was lit with icy and cold light in act one, warmer and greener light in act two. The music choice was superb: from the wartime songs before curtain-up, to the terrific soundtrack used throughout—the use of music under the attack on Aslan lifted this scene very effectively. The scenic design in One Man, Two Guv'nors is very challenging. Summerseat’s answer was to have plain, monochrome, almost two-dimensional panels, with practical doors and painted windows and a lovely circular black-and-white floor design. Two reversible panels rolled on and off to great effect. Lighting was ingenious and executed superbly: the snap to the yellow floods to commence the banquet scene was perfectly done. The music was excellent—stylised 60s beat music and very many sound effects timed impeccably. Live microphones and guitar for Tomorrow Looks Good from Here.
DavidWinnerEm CohenA Slice of Saturday Night and Half A SixpenceCATS Youth TheatreBest Choreographer
DavidKaireen McDonaldBring It OnMossley AODSBest Choreographer
DavidHelen WilkinsonChicagoPADOS Theatre GroupBest Choreographer
DavidSheryl Haydock-HoworthSweet CharityBrookdale TheatreBest Choreographer
DavidLisa ManleyRentRochdale Musical Theatre CoBest Musical Director
DavidMatt CorriganChicagoPrestwich ADOSBest Musical Director
DavidSimon MurrayBring It OnMossley AODSBest Musical Director
DavidDavid AbendsternThe Addams FamilyHeywood AODSBest Musical Director
DavidHarry ButterworthSweeney ToddSaddleworth Musical SocietyBest Musical Director
DavidWinnerClaire SweeneyMe and My Girl and Sweet CharityStockport Operatic Society and Brookdale TheatreBest Musical Director
DavidWinnerZoe PickeringSound of MusicBrookdale Youth TheatreAdjudicator's AwardBy skilled direction, bringing excellent characterisation from young people in The Sound of Music
DavidBen Drane as Malcom and Liam Bunka as Ethan in The Full Monty.The Full MontyMossley AODSAdjudicator's AwardCaptivating theatrical moment through a song, beautifully and skilfully delivered which united an audience in feeling and appreciation.
DavidConnor ParkinsonTyldesley Little TheatreAdjudicator's AwardHoning and utilising good acting skills and comedy performances from principals in Jack and The Beanstalk
DavidJack ForrestJesus Christ SuperstarWhitefield AODSAdjudicator's AwardEmotionally packed song, making one think of Pontius Pilate’s role in Christ’s crucifixion.
DavidTimothy PlattChicagoPrestwich ADOSAdjudicator's AwardAs Amos Hart, super use of body movement and facial expression to provide strong memorable imagery of a melancholy figure.
IanWinnerThe Society and MembershipApeel Drama GroupAdjudicator's AwardFor being a true community theatre in the best possible sense
Ian Cast, Crew and Guest Performers – Brassed OffPrestwich ADOSAdjudicator's AwardAn extremely challenging project and a wonderfully uplifting experience
IanGary KennedySummerseat PlayersAdjudicator's AwardA lovely comic role in ‘No Sex Please, We’re British!’ made epic by impressive stunt work!
IanCast of The Thrill for LoveFarnworth Little TheatreAdjudicator's AwardExemplary ensemble playing
IanThe Magdalen WhitewashPlayers Youth TheatreAdjudicator's AwardA brave, challenging and mature choice that showed great and deserved trust in the future of local theatre.
CarmelWinnerAbbie Jones, Daisy Leather, Eleanor Maxwell, Erin Green, Freya Griffiths, Georgie Stephens, Jenny Balmer, Lucy Unsworth & Mia Pencavel Summerseat PlayersAdjudicator's AwardAn outstanding ensemble performance in Girls Like That
CarmelThe whole team in A Midsummer Night’s DreamNorthenden PlayersAdjudicator's AwardUnswerving enthusiasm and sparkle
CarmelThe cast and crew of The Vicar of DibleyTyldesley Little TheatreAdjudicator's AwardCreating a joyful & atmospheric evening
AndrewWinnerElizabeth DunnSummerseat PlayersAdjudicator's AwardThe brilliance of the design of the Aslan puppet, regal and powerful in both voice and movements.
AndrewMartin Paul RocheDroylsden Little TheatreAdjudicator's AwardFor writing and directing an original play - Is There Anybody There?
DavidMal WoodJesus Christ SuperstarWhitefield AODSBest Director
DavidJosh HindleRentRochdale Musical Theatre Co.Best Director
DavidMark RosenthalChicagoPADOS Theatre GroupBest Director
DavidWinnerJohn WoodThe Full MontyMossley AODSBest Director
IanPaul BracewellMorecambeSummerseat PlayersBest Director
IanMark RosenthalBrassed OffPrestwich ADOSBest Director
IanCameron ChandlerNicholas NicklebyMacclesfield ADSBest Director
IanGraham HumphreysThe ChildrenSummerseat PlayersBest Director
IanWinnerDave EyreThe Thrill of LoveFarnworth Little TheatreBest Director
CarmelAndrew CloseDamsel in DistressWhitefield GarrickBest Director
CarmelWinnerJo TaylorA Midsummer Night's DreamNorthenden PlayersBest Director
CarmelJohn CunninghamThe WeirWhitefield GarrickBest Director
CarmelRebecca CarneyGirls Like ThatSummerseat PlayersBest Director
CarmelStephen DaviesMacbethSummerseat PlayersBest Director
AndrewCarol ButlerLadies in LavenderBolton Little TheatreBest Director
AndrewRoger BoardmanThe 39 StepsHyde Little TheatreBest Director
AndrewElizabeth DunnThe Lion, The Witch and The WardrobeSummerseat PlayersBest Director
AndrewWinnerMartin PearceDraculaMarco PlayersBest Director
AndrewPeter ScofieldMom;s GiftFarnworth Little TheatreBest Director
DavidSnow White and Seven DwarfsChes Youth Pantomime SocBest Pantomime
DavidWinnerAladdinSale NomadsBest Pantomime
DavidDick WhittingtonHyde Little TheatreBest Pantomime
DavidDick WhittingtonBolton Little TheatreBest Pantomime
DavidHonkSt Philips Junior WorkshopBest Youth Theatre Production
DavidThe Sound Of MusicBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Youth Theatre Production
DavidWinnerPopstars! 90's The MusicalHeywood AODS Hey KidsBest Youth Theatre Production
DavidSnow White and The Seven DwarfsChes Youth Pantomime SocBest Youth Theatre Production
DavidJesus Christ SuperstarWhitefield AODSBest Musical Production
DavidWinnerRentRochdale Musical Theatre CompanyBest Musical Production
DavidChicagoPrestwich ADOSBest Musical Production
DavidThe Full MontyMossley AODSBest Musical Production
IanWinnerMorecambeSummerseat PlayersBest Production
IanBrassed OffPrestwich ADOSBest Production
IanThe King's OrphanGuide Bridge TheatreBest Production
IanOnce Upon a Time in WiganMossley AODSBest Production
IanThe Thrill of LoveFarnworth Little TheatreBest Production
CarmelA Midsummer Night's DreamNorthenden PlayersBest Production
CarmelWinnerGirls Like ThatSummerseat PlayersBest Production
CarmelMacbethSummerseat PlayersBest Production
CarmelThe WeirWhitefield GarrickBest Production
AndrewDraculaMarco PlayersBest Production
AndrewGaslightCarver TheatreBest Production
AndrewLadies in LavenderBolton Little TheatreBest Production
AndrewWinnerThe Lion, The Witch and the WardrobeSummerseat PlayersBest Production
AndrewMom's GiftFarnworth Little TheatreBest Production
AndrewStones in His PocketsChads TheatreBest Production
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