Our huge thanks to Heald Green Theatre for their unstinting support with the 2023 One Act Play Festival , we had a great week but we can’t do it without committed support from the host theatre.

Huge thanks also to our adjudicator, James Schofield.

We saw a terrific week of very high standard theatre  and whilst congratulations are obviously extended to all winners, congratulations and thanks are also extended to all the entrants for taking part in this competitive festival and all that getting a play together involves. This contributes to the value of this vital festival because One Act Plays Rock! – so please keep writing them and keep on entering them. We look forward to seeing you next year at CATS Youth Theatre Bolton. The winners’ list for 2023 is below. Thank you.

GMDF 2023 One Act Play Festival Winners

SECTION A (up to 14 years of age)

Andrew Winton Trophy ~ Best Performance

Name               Oliver  Carter
Character         Harry Rings
Piece                Harry Rings, Lord of the Potters
Company         Heald Green Theatre Co

Certificate of Merit   

Jake Edmundson for a confident debut stage performance in The Park performed by Base Performing Arts

Brenda Gillatt Trophy ~ Best Production

Piece              Harry Rings, Lord of the Potters
Company      Heald Green Theatre Co.

SECTION B (15 to 18 years of age)

Nan Nuttall Trophy ~ Best Production 1

Piece            RIP Mr Shakespeare
Company     Heald Green Theatre Co

Nan Nuttall Trophy ~ Best Production 2

Piece            13 Ways to Screw Up you College Interview
Company     Brookdale Theatre Youth

Bertram Holland Trophy ~ Best Performance

Name               Liam Stuckey
Character        The Servant
Piece                RIP Mr Shakespeare
Company         Heald Green Theatre CoYoutth

Certificates of Merit   Isabelle Pickering for Interviewer 1 in 13 Ways to Screw Up your College Interviewer 1 and Jack Mabon for Brett and Ben in 13 Ways to Screw Up your College Interview perfomed by Brookdale Youth Theatre

Lily Rae Lyne for DI Michelle Lewis in Trace performed by Manchester Theatre Academy


Settlement Players Trophy ~ Best Production

Piece          Deid
Company   Players Theatre Cheadle

Stanley Harrower Cup ~ Best Performance

Name         David Reynolds
Character   Marcus
Piece          Lady Bracknell’s Return
Company   Green Room Theatre Wilmslow

Certificate of Merit –  Fiona Shirley –  for a debut performance in It’s Good to Talk by Heald Green Theatre Co


Vicki Lane Award (Meritorious Director)

Name          Bruce Taylor
Piece           Deid
Company    Players Theatre Cheadle

Robert L Goodwin Trophy (Outstanding Actor)

Name               Liam Stuckey
Characters      Sevant
Piece               RIP Mr Shakespeare
Company         Heald Green Theatre

Cyril V Hines Trophy (Outstanding Actress)

Name           Mary Ellis
Character     Moira
Piece             Deid
Company     Players Theatre Cheadle

Julie Emmanuel Trophy (Best Comedy performance)

Name            Mary Ellis
Characters   Moira
Piece             Deid
Company      Players Theatre Cheadle

Cliff Walker Trophy (Best Presentation)

Company    Heald Green Theatre Co
Piece           RIP Mr Shakespeare

Theatre Royal Trophy (Adjudicator’s Award) – River of Carnage company which was formed by two people who wrote, Directed and performed a piece of theatre specifically for the GMDF One Act Play Festival

SECTION D (Original Play)

Playwright’s Workshop Trophy

Writer        Bruce Taylor
Piece         Deid
Company  Players Theatre Cheadle

Please click on the image below to see a flip book version of the programme.

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