2019-20 Nominations

First of all, we must say a huge thank you to our adjudicators Ian, Andrew, James and Nigel for their commitment and dedication to the adjudication process.

Congratulations to all nominees and winners, well done.


Winning and Nomination certificates will be issued in the coming weeks (please be patient). We will send these to the member Society Hon Secretary in order that he/she may send your certificates on to you.

To that end, will all Societies please complete a database update form and reurn it as an attachment to the following email address.  gmdfhonsec@gmail.com  If you prefer to complete the form online please click here (it’s much quicker and easier)

If you wish to collect your certificate(s) please contact us via the above email address.

We will keep this page updated about certificate production progress so please keep checking back. Thank you

NigelSally MasonWishee WasheeAladdinTyldesley Little TheatreBest Female Actor
NigelLisa HartleySheriffRobin HoodPrestwich ADOSBest Female Actor
NigelSophie LordAudreyLittle Shop of HorrorsWhitefield AODSBest Female Actor
NigelSarah ThewlisAdelaideGuys and DollsStockport Operatic SocietyWinnerBest Female Actor
IanStacey FriedmanHelenaMadame RubinsteinWhitefield GarrickBest Female Actor
IanAli DavenportAileen McCormackWhisky GaloreWilmslow Green RoomBest Female Actor
IanJacqui BrianAlma RattenburyCause CélèbreThe Marco PlayersBest Female Actor
IanClaire WhiteElizabethDead CertainDroylsden Little TheatreBest Female Actor
IanChelsey SeywardNell GwynnNell GwynnMacclesfield ADSWinnerBest Female Actor
JamesAbbie JonesCharlotteBrontëSummerseat PlayersWinnerBest Female Actor
JamesAndrea ParleMaggieHobson’s ChoiceSummerseat PlayersBest Female Actor
JamesMelanie DavyUrsulaLadies in LavenderNorthenden PlayersBest Female Actor
AndrewRebecca Anderson, Esme Mather & Ellie MurphyAnne Brontë, Charlotte Brontë & Emily BrontëBrontëFarnworth Little TheatreWinnerBest Female Actor
AndrewHolly BollandHelen GrahamThe Tenant of Wildfell HallSummerseat PlayersBest Female Actor
AndrewTracy BurnsStevie SmithStevieChads TheatreBest Female Actor
AndrewChristine MortonConnieAlbert NobbsPhoenix PlayersBest Female Actor
AndrewTracey ParkerKathThe Kitchen SinkDroylsden Little TheatreBest Female Actor
NigelIan BallTevyeFiddler on the RoofSaddleworth Musical SocietyBest Male Actor
NigelGary Jones-McCawSky MastersonGuys and DollsStockport Operatic SocietyBest Male Actor
NigelCameron KennedySilly BillyRumplestiltskinGuide Bridge TheatreBest Male Actor
NigelCameron RoweWidow TwankeeAladdinTyldesley Little TheatreWinnerBest Male Actor
IanAndrew KirbyNormanTable MannersChads TheatreBest Male Actor
IanIan WilkinsonHenry PlantaganetThe Lion in WinterPlayers Theatre CheadleWinnerBest Male Actor
IanGeoff BirdDr BonneyIt Runs in the FamilyWoodford PlayersBest Male Actor
IanPeter MunroKing Charles IINell GwynnMacclesfield ADSBest Male Actor
JamesJonathan TruemanCharlesStrangers On A TrainBrookdale TheatreBest Male Actor
JamesSavva ZvererAndreaLadies In LavenderNorthenden PlayersWinnerBest Male Actor
JamesRichard LeighSidney BruhlDeathtrapBolton Little TheatreBest Male Actor
JamesCameron RoweClivePassing StrangersTyldesley Little TheatreBest Male Actor
AndrewTom ChinneryCharlesBlithe SpiritNorthenden Players Theatre CoBest Male Actor
AndrewKeith FenwickRegQuartetBrookdale TheatreBest Male Actor
AndrewJeff HarpinEddieView from the BridgeSale NomadsWinnerBest Male Actor
AndrewHamish Lawson & Martin PrichardHirst & SpoonerNo Man’s LandChads TheatreBest Male Actor
AndrewClive McCoyAlbertAlbert NobbsPhoenix Theatre CompanyBest Male Actor
NigelDomonique McClaffertyAudrey IILittle Shop of HorrorsWhitefield AODSWinnerBest Supporting Female Actor
NigelChloe WhatmoughHodelFiddler on the RoofSaddleworth Musical SocietyBest Supporting Female Actor
NigelJo BurtonPiccalilli the WitchJack and the BeanstalkBolton Little TheatreBest Supporting Female Actor
NigelElaine ShawFruma-SarahFiddler on the RoofSaddleworth Musical SocietyBest Supporting Female Actor
IanEilidh PollardRhonda MilneSecret RaptureChads TheatreBest Supporting Female Actor
IanCatherine RimmerNancyNell GwynnMacclesfield ADSBest Supporting Female Actor
IanLinda RichardsonOld Ma Gwynn/Queen CatherineNell GwynnMacclesfield ADSBest Supporting Female Actor
IanDeborah ThompsonShelbySteel MagnoliasBrookdale TheatreWinnerBest Supporting Female Actor
JamesHeather BaguleyAnnie ParkerWhen We Were Married.Carver TheatreBest Supporting Female Actor
JamesJulie CunninghamVarious RolesUnder MilkwoodWhitefield GarrickWinnerBest Supporting Female Actor
JamesDawn RoweSylviaStepping OutRossendale PlayersBest Supporting Female Actor
JamesZoe MolynuexIdaSee How They RunPhoenix Theatre CoBest Supporting Female Actor
AndrewCatherine CropperIsabellaMeasure for MeasureBolton Little TheatreBest Supporting Female Actor
AndrewNathalie HaleyCathy / BerthaBrontëFarnworth Little TheatreWinnerBest Supporting Female Actor
AndrewElaine NuttallRose / AliceAlbert NobbsPhoenix PlayersBest Supporting Female Actor
AndrewCaroline WeekesGerdaThe HollowWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Female Actor
AndrewGrainne WigganBeatriceView from the BridgeSale NomadsBest Supporting Female Actor
NigelSteven CheesemanOrinLittle Shop of HorrorsWhitefield AODSBest Supporting Male Actor
NigelDanny ToobyRing SlaveAladdinTyldesley Little TheatreWinnerBest Supporting Male Actor
NigelJonathan NolanScarecrowWizard of OzCarver TheatreBest Supporting Male Actor
NigelMatt RigbyNicely Nicely JohnsonGuys and DollsStockport Operatic SocietyBest Supporting Male Actor
IanSam HindmarchJohnThe Lion in WinterPlayers Theatre CheadleBest Supporting Male Actor
IanRichard LeighO’ConnorCause CélèbreThe Marco PlayersBest Supporting Male Actor
IanScott JonesSgt BagwellCause CélèbreThe Marco PlayersBest Supporting Male Actor
IanJosh BessoLesleyIt Runs in the FamilyWoodford PlayersWinnerBest Supporting Male Actor
JamesAndy CantillonMikeDinnerMacclesfield ADSBest Supporting Male Actor
JamesSimon FletcherInspector HubbardDial M For MurderPrestwich ADOSBest Supporting Male Actor
JamesStephen DaviesBramwellBrontëSummerseat PlayersBest Supporting Male Actor
JamesRobin ThompsonRobertDon’t Dress For DinnerFarmworth Little TheatreBest Supporting Male Actor
JamesSam CooperMarkThings I Know To Be TrueBolton Little Theatre.WinnerBest Supporting Male Actor
AndrewPaul CohenLaurenceAbigail’s PartySquare Pig ProductionsBest Supporting Male Actor
AndrewDaniel CopePeteThe Kitchen SinkDroylsden Little TheatreBest Supporting Male Actor
AndrewChris DunnArthur HuntingdonThe Tenant of Wildfell HallSummerseat PlayersBest Supporting Male Actor
AndrewJonathan HiggsFosterNo Man’s LandChads TheatreWinnerBest Supporting Male Actor
AndrewMatt RigbyAngeloMeasure for MeasureBolton Little TheatreBest Supporting Male Actor
NigelBeth HiltonDorothyWizard of OzCarver TheatreBest Youth Performer Female
NigelHolly-May HughesBlouseyBugsyHeywood AODSBest Youth Performer Female
NigelLucy GroganTallulahBugsyHeywood AODSWinnerBest Youth Performer Female
NigelSinead GrimshawJafarAladdinCYGNETSBest Youth Performer Female
NigelSabre PackerAladdinAladdinCYGNETSBest Youth Performer Male
NigelAlex WaltonWidow TwankeeAladdinCHYPSWinnerBest Youth Performer Male
NigelOliver BarlowBugsyBugsyHeywood AODSBest Youth Performer Male
NigelJack HobsonFat SamBugsyHeywood AODSBest Youth Performer Male
IanSarah MorganLisaLucky NumbersPlayers Theatre CheadleWinnerBest Youth Performer Female
IanSam HiggsStevenLucky NumbersPlayers Theatre CheadleBest Youth Performer Male
IanAlfie BousefieldShaneLucky NumbersPlayers Theatre CheadleBest Youth Performer Male
IanJosh NichollsChristopher RattenburyCause CélèbreThe Marco PlayersBest Youth Performer Male
IanDuncan MunroNedNell GwynnMacclesfield ADSWinnerBest Youth Performer Male
AndrewNemone WolfendaleEvaKinderstransportPlayers Theatre CheadleWinnerBest Youth Performer Female
AndrewNathaniel LeteneyLittle ArthurThe Tenant of Wildfell HallSummerseat PlayersWinnerBest Youth Performer Male
AndrewMurder at Greythwaite Manor SchoolCarmel Brid Theatre SchoolWinnerBest Youth Theatre Production
AndrewTreasure IslandCYGNETSBest Youth Theatre Production
NigelLeah PeartGenieAladdinCYGNETSWinnerBest Performer in Youth Production Female
NigelSinead GrimshawJafarAladdinCYGNETSBest Performer in Youth Production Female
NigelHolly-May HughesBlouseyBugsyHeywood AODSBest Performer in Youth Production Female
NigelHal DiouaniJafarAladdinCHYPSWinnerBest Performer in Youth Production Male
NigelJack HobsonFat SamBugsyHeywood AODSBest Performer in Youth Production Male
NigelSabre PackerAladdinAladdinCYGNETSBest Performer in Youth Production Male
NigelLaura FloydCrowSleeping BeautySale NOMADSBest Performance in a Pantomime
NigelJames WaltonSatsumaAladdinCHYPSWinnerBest Performance in a Pantomime
NigelDiane DouglasStormhagSleeping BeautySale NOMADSBest Performance in a Pantomime
NigelRyan Smart-StantonDame Dottie DimpleJack and the BeanstalkBolton Little TheatreBest Performance in a Pantomime
NigelLittle Shop of HorrorsWhitefield AODSWinnerTechnical AwardFor original sets, props, costume and lighting
NigelSleeping BeautySale NOMADSTechnical AwardExcellent set, costumes and lighting
NigelBugsyHeywood ADOSTechnical AwardExcellent set, costumes and props
NigelJack and the BeanstalkBolton Little TheatreTechnical AwardExcellent set and SFX.
IanA Bunch of AmateursBolton Little TheatreTechnical AwardA fully working sprinkler system on-stage
IanLucky Numbers/The Lion in WinterPlayers Theatre CheadleWinnerTechnical AwardInnovative and convincing stage design
IanThe 39 StepsDroylsden Little TheatreTechnical AwardAn impressive presentation making use of a variety of tricky props and furniture so necessary to bring The 39 Steps to life.
JamesUnder MilkwoodWhitefield GarrickWinnerTechnical AwardUnder Milkwood sound and lighting and video wall teams
JamesArsenic and Old LaceCHADS TheatreTechnical AwardThe set for Arsenic and Old Lace
JamesDeathtrapBolton Little TheatreTechnical AwardThe set and ambiance for Deathtrap
JamesPassing StrangersTyldesley Little TheatreTechnical AwardThe sound team for Passing Strangers
JamesLadies in LavenderNorthenden PlayersTechnical AwardIngenious stage design for Ladies in Lavender
AndrewAnd a Nightingale SangSummerseat PlayersTechnical AwardAn overall cohesion to the set that worked to allow scenes to flow; slick lighting changes helped to drive the play forward; rear projection; the many sound effects—piano, mouth organ, air ride sirens, bombs—were perfect; the timing between recorded piano and live dialogue was outstandingly executed
AndrewBrontëFarnworth Little TheatreWinnerTechnical AwardVery complex, but magnificently atmospheric and perfectly cued lighting plot using overhead rig. Commissioned scores are very rare indeed: the ambient piano and flute gave an otherworldly feel to not only scene changes but also played under certain key scenes. The opening song, beautifully performed and spellbinding in theatrical effect, was the perfect way to start the play. Sound effects such as the sea, school bell and the wind were not overused. The eerie howl and change of lights for Branwell’s death scene combined brilliantly. Technically faultless from beginning to end.
AndrewKinderstransportPlayers Theatre CheadleTechnical AwardCarefully designed multi-part set; well-chosen and appropriate props; inventive, smooth and vivid lighting; impactful rear projections.
AndrewThe Tenant of Wildfell HallSummerseat PlayersTechnical AwardIngenious staging; stylised settings; washes, silhouettes and spots; brave music choices.
AndrewView from the BridgeSale NomadsTechnical AwardOpen, practical, multi-purpose set; slick, smooth and imaginative lighting; scene changes illustrated by 1950s jazz moving to key moment accompanied by more modern, electronic almost ambient sounds that combined music and sound effects.
NigelCharlotte ApplebyAladdinCHYPSBest Choreographer
NigelGary Jones-McCawGuys and DollsStockport Operatic SocietyWinnerBest Choreographer
NigelMegan DouglasSleeping BeautySale NOMADSBest Choreographer
NigelJessica McEvoyLittle Shop of HorrorsWhitefield AODSBest Choreographer
NigelClaire SweeneyGuys and DollsStockport Operatic SocietyWinnerBest Musical Director
NigelAdam GarnettSleeping BeautySale NOMADSBest Musical Director
NigelAlex WilliamsAladdinCHYPSBest Musical Director
NigelSarah OsmondLittle Shop of HorrorsWhitefield AODSBest Musical Director
NigelThe cast of AladdinTyldesley Little TheatreWinnerAdjudicator's AwardFor providing all the ingredients of a great evening’s theatre
NigelAladdinCHYPSAdjudicator's AwardAn amazing flying carpet effect.
NigelLittle Shop of HorrorsWhitefield AODSAdjudicator's AwardAn original and imaginative plant expertly operated.
IanEilidh PollardWilmslow Green RoomWinnerAdjudicator's AwardMusical composition and performance seamlessly integrated into and enhancing scenes within ‘Whisky Galore’.
IanMel BeswickChads TheatreAdjudicator's AwardCoping magnificently as an 11th hour understudy as Annie in Table Manners
IanAlex MachinNorthenden PlayersAdjudicator's AwardCoping magnificently as an 11th hour understudy as Peter in A Taste of Honey
IanAdjudicator's Award
IanAdjudicator's Award
JamesApeel Drama GroupWinnerAdjudicator's AwardFor trying something daring with the stage set in the Noble Spaniard
JamesNorthenden PlayersAdjudicator's AwardThe live music in Ladies in Lavender
JamesManchester Athenaeum DSAdjudicator's AwardFor their Community Spirit
AndrewChads TheatreWinnerAdjudicator's AwardFor ongoing commitment to challenging and high-quality studio productions
NigelMal WoodLittle Shop of HorrorsWhitefield AODSWinnerBest Director
NigelJenny HollinsheadSleeping BeautySale NOMADSBest Director
NigelMichael Jones-McCawGuys and DollsStockport Operatic SocietyBest Director
NigelRumplestiltskinMike LawlorGuide Bridge TheatreBest Director
IanPeter HaslamCause CélèbreThe Marco PlayersBest Director
IanDavid WardThe Lion in WinterPlayers Theatre CheadleBest Director
IanFrancesca DykesNell GwynnMacclesfield ADSWinnerBest Director
IanMike JordanDead CertainDroylsden Little TheatreBest Director
IanDavid CarlileSteel MagnoliasBrookdale TheatreBest Director
JamesEleanor MaxwellBrontëSummerseat PlayersWinnerBest Director
JamesJohn CunninghamUnder MilkwoodWhitefield GarrickBest Director
JamesSimon MottDeathtrapBolton Little TheatreBest Director
JamesSandra SimpsonThings I Know To Be TrueBolton Little TheatreBest Director
JamesEleanor FordLadies In LavenderNorthenden PlayersBest Director
AndrewCaroline BainesAnd a Nightingale SangSummerseat PlayersBest Director
AndrewDavid BlackView from the BridgeSale NomadsWinnerBest Director
AndrewTracy BurnsNo Man’s LandChads TheatreBest Director
AndrewJason CromptonAbigail’s PartySquare Pig ProductionsBest Director
AndrewNatalie CromptonBrontëFarnworth Little TheatreBest Director
NigelAladdinCHYPSBest Pantomime
NigelAladdinTyldesley Little TheatreBest Pantomime
NigelSleeping BeautySale NOMADSWinnerBest Pantomime
NigelJack and the BeanstalkBolton Little TheatreBest Pantomime
NigelAladdinCHYPSWinnerBest Youth Theatre Production
NigelBugsyHeywood AODSBest Youth Theatre Production
NigelGuys and DollsStockport Operatic SocietyWinnerBest Musical Production
NigelLittle Shop of HorrorsWhitefield AODSBest Musical Production
IanNell GwynnMacclesfield ADSWinnerBest Production
IanCause CélèbreThe Marco PlayersBest Production
IanThe Lion in WinterPlayers Theatre CheadleBest Production
JamesBrontëSummerseat PlayersWinnerBest Production
JamesUnder MilkwoodWhitefield Garrick Best Production
JamesThings I Know To Be TrueBolton Little TheatreBest Production
JamesLadies In LavenderNorthenden PlayersBest Production
AndrewAnd a Nightingale SangSummerseat PlayersBest Production
AndrewBrontëFarnworth Little TheatreBest Production
AndrewNo Man’s LandChads TheatreBest Production
AndrewTenant of Wildfell HallSummerseat PlayersBest Production
AndrewView from the BridgeSale NomadsWinnerBest Production
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