TicketSource Plugin for WordPress Websites

TicketSource have released a plugin for WordPress websites. This allows your customers to book directly from your website so no need to go from your website over to TicketSource via an external link.

It’s easy to install and set up.

  1. Install the TicketSource Ticket Shop plugin via the WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Sign in to your TicketSource account as usual and set up an event.
  3. Locate your unique TicketSource Ticket Shop plugin code in the TicketSource dashboard via the “Events | Publicise Events” menu option. This will look like this [ticketshop id=”****”]
  4. Add your unique TicketSource Ticket Shop plugin code to your WordPress site (Switch to text mode and enter your unique identifier where you want it on the page). Publish your page and then take a look…….
  5. ……et voilà, your customers can now book tickets for your event from your WordPress website.
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