Costume Sale

Costume saleWe have received the following email from Dress Circle costumes at Preston about their forthcoming costume sale. We’ll keep you posted about sale dates.

Dear all

My mum is currently selling her costume hire business based in Longridge near Preston and the building it contains. They have been going for over 25 years so now have thousands of costumes, some original period costume and some they have made/bought.  Also plenty of specific interest costumes like uniforms.

They were hoping to sell as a going concern but it’s proving tricky to find a buyer so they are now most likely to sell the stock separately to the building on certain marked out costume sale days and evenings soon.

I am just trying to let as many people know as I can because you never know, one of you might know someone who has always had a burning desire to buy a theatrical costume shop 🙂 OR, more likely, if you know anyone who might want to buy individual costumes or runs of costumes, then let me know and I can send you an e mail of the specific sale dates as and when I know them.

Also if this isn’t of interest to you but may be to other theatres/theatre companies/drama schools/businesses/individuals you can think of I would be really grateful if you could pass this e mail on.

If you would like to have a look their website is

And I can also send an inventory if that’s useful.


Helen Longworth.

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