2015 Full Length Festival Nominations

Here are the nominations for the 2014 – 2015 season. Congratulations everybody, well done.

Further awards for Best Pantomime, Best Youth Theatre Production, Best Musical and Drama Productions, Adjudicators’ Awards and Best Overall Drama Production will all be made at the Awards Night Dinner 11th July.

Please use the search box on the top right hand side of the table to find quickly what you are looking for. You can search any term at all eg “the name of your society” which will result in a list of all the nominations for your GMDF society and similarly you can enter the names of your productions to find any nominations. You could enter “Best Actress” and all the Best Actress nominations will come up etc. You can also sort each column into ascending or descending order.

The winners will be announced at the Awards Night Dinner on Saturday 11th July at The Last Drop Hotel, Bromley Cross Bolton. Tickets are £30 and they are available either through your member Society’s Secretary or direct from GMDF. All details are here.

PeterNatalie CromptonBella ManninghamGaslightThe Marco PlayersWinnerBest Actress
PeterMary DillonMrs WilberforceThe LadykillersNorthenden PlayersBest Actress
PeterSue GarlickMariFlamingolandLyceum PLayersBest Actress
PeterSarah HowsamCorrie BratterBarefoot In The ParkPlayers TheatreBest Actress
BrianNatalie CromptonMorticiaThe Addams FamilyWhitefield AODSWinnerBest Actress
BrianKerry NewtonEvaEvitaMossley AODSBest Actress
BrianAndrea LoasbyDolly LeviHello DollyHeywood AODSBest Actress
BrianHelen RoseKate MonsterAvenue QPrestwich ADOSBest Actress
BrianMirriam LawsonRosalindaDie FledermausSaddleworth AODSBest Actress
CarlaTracy BurnsSylviaBroken GlassChads TheatreBest Actress
CarlaRachel MayorRitaEducating RitaDroylsden Little TheatreBest Actress
CarlaSue RadcliffeMumThe AnniversaryLyceum PlayersBest Actress
CarlaRhiannon LewisRuth EllisThe Thrill Of LoveWilmslow Green Room SocietyWinnerBest Actress
DavidLiz TravisMayThe Accrington PalsFarnworth Little TheatreBest Actress
DavidLouise DavenportEvaThe Accrington PalsFarnworth Little TheatreWinnerBest Actress
DavidRachel HarrisonEmmaBetrayalLyceum PlayersBest Actress
DavidJenny SmithJoanna MarkhamMove Over, Mrs MarkhamCarver TheatreBest Actress
PeterJohn SmeathersEbenezer ScroogeA Christmas CarolChads TheatreBest Actor
PeterJohn StillHarpagonThe MiserWhitefield GarrickBest Actor
PeterToby CordwellSmithEarly One MorningMacclesfield ADSBest Actor
PeterJohn O’ConnellRandle P McMurphyOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestSummerseat PlayersWinnerBest Actor
BrianDave MallenGomezThe Addams FamilyWhitefield AODSBest Actor
BrianJohn WoodCheEvitaMossley AODSWinnerBest Actor
BrianIan TylerTevyeFiddler on the RoofBrookdale TheatreBest Actor
BrianPaul DawsonHorace VandergelderHello DollyHeywood AODSBest Actor
CarlaAnthony CollierDr Harry HymanBroken GlassChads TheatreBest Actor
CarlaDavid CarlileToadWind In The WillowsHeald Green Theatre Co.Best Actor
CarlaBen Latham2nd Lt Arthur DrakeConduct UnbecomingThe MARCO PlayersBest Actor
CarlaStephen JohnsonAll Male RolesLadies DayCarver TheatreWinnerBest Actor
DavidDaniel StarkiePrivate Jim SmithEarly One MorningRossendale PlayersWinnerBest Actor
DavidPeter GibsonSiegfried SassoonNot About HeroesPrestwich ADOSBest Actor
DavidHamish LawsonHarold Macmillan.A Letter Of ResignationChads TheatreBest Actor
DavidPeter ScofieldSerjeant MusgraveSgt. Musgrave’s DanceBolton Little TheatreBest Actor
PeterChristine MortonLucy FittonAll In Good TimePhoenix Theatre Co.Best Supporting Actress
PeterRebecca CookeHarrietBoy Gets GirlBolton Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
PeterDawn RoweVeraBreezeblock ParkRossendale PlayersBest Supporting Actress
PeterRachel SpearingRebeccaImmaculateMacclesfield ADSWinnerBest Supporting Actress
BrianSarah OsmondChristmas EveAvenue QPADOSBest Supporting Actress
BrianAlison KnowlesIrene MolloyHello DollyHeywood AODSBest Supporting Actress
BrianGemma BarnshawWednesdayThe Addams FamilyWhitefield AODSBest Supporting Actress
BrianAlison StarrsPrince OrlofskyDie FledermausSaddleworth AODSWinnerBest Supporting Actress
CarlaCarmel BirdSylviaThe Thrill Of LoveWilmslow Green Room SocietyWinnerBest Supporting Actress
CarlaGeraldine GrieveLady BracknellThe Importance Of Being EarnestPlayers TheatreBest Supporting Actress
CarlaTracy ParkerSarahEntertaining AngelsDroylsden Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
CarlaClodagh O’FlynnJuliaLend Me A TenorSummerseat PlayersBest Supporting Actress
DavidAilsa OakleyBerthaBoeing BoeingMacclesfield ADSBest Supporting Actress
DavidPatricia HillEllenThe Late Edwina BlackWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actress
DavidSamantha Westwater-PeersYvonneCheshire CatsTyldesley Little TheatreWinnerBest Supporting Actress
DavidJean NicholsonLil/GranKindertransportDroylsden Little TheatreBest Supporting Actress
PeterJon WeetmanBernard WoolleyYes Prime MinisterLyceum PlayersWinnerBest Supporting Actor
PeterNoel HurleyArthurThe Accrington PalsWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actor
PeterRobin ThompsonStewartPack of LiesBolton Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
PeterJohn KeenCharles Dickens, Fred and Christmas FutureA Christmas CarolChads TheatreBest Supporting Actor
BrianNicholas EdwardsFesterThe Addams FamilyWhitefield AODSBest Supporting Actor
BrianNick AngusCornelius HacklHello DollyHeywood AODSWinnerBest Supporting Actor
BrianIan HunterRufusThe Snow QueenTyldesley Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
BrianSteve MaxfieldMagaldiEvitaMossley AODSBest Supporting Actor
CarlaJohn HowarthTeddyArsenic And Old LaceBolton Little TheatreBest Supporting Actor
CarlaPeter BowersMalvolioTwelfth NightNorthenden PlayersWinnerBest Supporting Actor
CarlaBob HowellSaundersLend Me A TenorSummerseat PlayersBest Supporting Actor
CarlaBill PlattSt ClairGloriousNorthenden PlayersBest Supporting Actor
DavidIan DuckworthOne RoundLadykillersThe MARCO PlayersBest Supporting Actor
DavidPhil CleggGeoffrey FisherBilly LiarDroylsden Little TheatreWinnerBest Supporting Actor
DavidFrancis LeeGudgeonThe HollowNorthenden PlayersBest Supporting Actor
DavidMichael JeffriesHenry MartinThe Late Edwina BlackWhitefield GarrickBest Supporting Actor
PeterAlana Howarth-LeesFlorrieA Basinful of the BrinyTyldesley Little TheatreWinnerBest Youth Performance Female
PeterNiamh Purnell-JonesBelinda Cratchit, WantA Christmas CarolChads TheatreBest Youth Performance Female
BrianAmelia AthertonThe Baker’s WifeInto The WoodsCATS Youth TheatreWinnerBest Youth Performance Female
BrianHannah CliffordSandyGreaseBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Youth Performance Female
BrianPhoebe CoopDorothyThe Wizard of OzHEY KIDS - Heywood AODSBest Youth Performance Female
BrianCourtney FannonMollyGhostPADOS Youth TheatreBest Youth Performance Female
CarlaMel BeswickThe GirlVeronica’s RoomChads TheatreWinnerBest Youth Performance Female
CarlaOilvia AvourisVariousOh What A Lovely WarCarver TheatreBest Youth Performance Female
DavidEvaAlice GalvinKindertransportDroylsden Little TheatreBest Youth Performance Female
DavidMelanie Beswick.SephyNoughts and CrossesChads TheatreWinnerBest Youth Performance Female
DavidHolly RileyBarbaraBilly LiarDroylsden Little TheatreBest Youth Performance Female
DavidLeah DalleySummerThe Last of the HausmannsSummerseat PlayersBest Youth Performance Female
DavidJessica BarlowVickiCaught in The NetPhoenix Theatre Co.Best Youth Performance Female
PeterMatthew Crossley WalshReggieThe Accrington PalsWhitefield GarrickWinnerBest Youth Performance Male
PeterAlex LongTiny TimA Christmas CarolChads TheatreBest Youth Performance Male
BrianGeorge CockburnDannyGreaseBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Youth Performance Male
BrianConnor GuffoggTevyeFiddler on the RoofSt Philips Junior WorkshopWinnerBest Youth Performance Male
BrianBen WhiteheadHenry Jekyll / Edward HydeJekyll & HydeCATS Youth TheatreBest Youth Performance Male
BrianJack ForrestSamGhostPADOS Youth TheatreBest Youth Performance Male
CarlaSean LavelleMoleWind In The WillowsHeald Green Theatre CoWinnerBest Youth Performance Male
CarlaSam HindmarchAlgernon MoncrieffThe Importance Of Being EarnestPlayers TheatreBest Youth Performance Male
DavidJonty ConnollyCallumNoughts and CrossesChads TheatreBest Youth Performance Male
DavidJoeseph Griffiths-HollandBilly FisherBilly LiarDroylsden Little TheatreWinnerBest Youth Performance Male
DavidMatthew HowellsReggieAccrington PalsFarnworth Little TheatreBest Youth Performance Male
DavidDavid BeebyGavinCaught In the NetPhoenix Theatre Co.Best Youth Performance Male
PeterLadykillersNorthenden PlayersWinnerTechnicalExcellent use of screen for railway tunnel effect, and mug shots of all the actors. Very innovative and effective. Also rotating set excellently managed and set design and dressing first class.
PeterChristmas CarolChads TheatreTechnicalClever use of rotating bed.
PeterOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestSummerseat PlayersTechnicalWell-designed set allowing actors room to manoeuvre and create cameos.
PeterRomeo and JulietPartington PlayersTechnicalExcellent costumes
BrianDie FledermausSaddleworth AODSWinnerTechnicalArtistic design
BrianFiddler on The RoofSt Philip's Junior WorkshopTechnicalIngenious design for the small stage
BrianFiddler on The RoofBrookdale TheatreTechnicalIngenious design for the small stage
CarlaThe Thrill of LoveWilmslow Green Room SocietyTechnicalUse of projection, sound and excellent costumes
CarlaOh What A Lovely WarCarver TheatreTechnicalHard hitting projection of WW1 footage
CarlaAccrington PalsNorthenden PlayersTechnicalLighting and Sound and overall ambience
CarlaTwelfth NightNorthenden PlayersWinnerTechnicalLighting, Sound and Projection on an empty stage
DavidEntertaining AngelsNorthenden PlayersWinnerTechnicalIntricate set on small stage complete with waterfall.
DavidBlackadder Goes ForthMossley AODSTechnicalExcellent depiction of trenches and varied set.
DavidThe LadykillersThe MARCO PlayersTechnicalStaging on two levels with sounds and lights unity.
DavidCheshire CatsTyldesley Little TheatreTechnicalExcellent Sound and Lights teamwork.
PeterDanny HewittSummerseat PlayersWinnerAdjudicator's AwardHis somersault out of the window was ingenious, breathtaking, memorable and brave.
PeterDavid LiveseyWhitefield GarrickAdjudicator's AwardMemorable bath scene bringing gasps from the ladies in the audience.
PeterEan BurgonLyceum PlayersAdjudicator's AwardMagnificent delivery of lines and exceptional use of glasses
CarlaLend Me a TenorSummerseat PlayersAdjudicator's AwardExcellent comic entertainment
CarlaOh What a Lovely WarCarver TheatreWinnerAdjudicator's AwardExcellent ensemble cast playing multiple roles and inspirational staging.
CarlaStepping OutWoodford PlayersAdjudicator's AwardTransformation into finale, great choreography and excellent entertainment value
CarlaFemale of the SpeciesMacclesfield ADSAdjudicator's AwardDealing with political mores in a most amusing way
DavidIan WilkinsonPlayers TheatreAdjudicator's AwardExcellent comic timing in bed using good vocal and facial expression.
DavidRob CopelandMacclesfield ADSWinnerAdjudicator's AwardExcellent skill in taking on a part at short notice.
DavidJoan RogersTyldesley Little TheatreAdjudicator's AwardMarshall Madge in Cheshire Cats. Excellent study in comic timing and pauses.
DavidPresent LaughterBrookdale TheatreAdjudicator's AwardExcellent style and range of costumes in Present Laughter.
BrianBarbara GrantFiddler on the RoofSt Philip’s Junior WorkshopBest Choreographer
BrianElizabeth LindenEvitaMossley AODSWinnerBest Choreographer
BrianHelen WilkinsonGhostPADOS Youth TheatreBest Choreographer
BrianVal Jellyman, Louise Rycroft-Oldham, Susan HarrisAladdinSale NomadsBest Choreographer
BrianPaul FirthEvitaMossley AODSBest Musical Director
BrianHarry ButterworthDie FledermausSaddleworth AODSWinnerBest Musical Director
BrianDavid AbendsternHello DollyHeywood AODSBest Musical Director
BrianSteven SandifordGhostPADOS Youth TheatreBest Musical Director
PeterJohn LomaxCelebrationWoodford PlayersBest Director
PeterJames SchofieldYes Prime MinisterLyceum PlayersBest Director
PeterDavid WardBarefoot in the ParkPlayers TheatreBest Director
PeterRod GoddardUnoriginal SinDroylsden Little TheatreWinnerBest Director
BrianLee BrennanEvitaMossley AODSWinnerBest Director
BrianTimothy PlatGhostPADOS Youth TheatreBest Director
BrianLouise CohenInto the woodsCATS Youth TheatreBest Director
BrianAnita StuttardDie FledermausSaddleworth AODSBest Director
CarlaMike RogersonThe Thrill Of LoveWilmslow Green Room SocietyWinnerBest Director
CarlaMary WrightBroken GlassChads TheatreBest Director
CarlaKirsty JacksonOh What A Lovely WarCarver TheatreBest Director
CarlaConnor O'BeirneConduct UnbecomingThe MARCO PlayersBest Director
CarlaJohn WheatleyTwelfth NightNorthenden PlayersBest Director
DavidPaul WardAccrington PalsFarnworth Little TheatreWinnerBest Director
DavidStephen JohnsonMove Over, Mrs MarkhamCarver TheatreBest Director
DavidSandra SimpsonSerjeant Musgrave’s DanceBolton Little TheatreBest Director
DavidDave MurrayThe Woman Who Cooked Her HusbandMacclesfield ADSBest Director
BrianAladdinSale NomadsWinnerBest Pantomime
BrianAladdinCarver TheatreBest Pantomime
BrianThe Snow QueenTyldesley Little TheatreBest Pantomime
BrianSanta in SpaceHyde Little TheatreBest Pantomime
BrianGhostPADOS Youth TheatreBest Youth Theatre Production
BrianInto The WoodsCATS Youth TheatreWinnerBest Youth Theatre Production
BrianFiddler on the RoofSt Philip’s Junior WorkshopBest Youth Theatre Production
BrianGreaseBrookdale Youth TheatreBest Youth Theatre Production
BrianHello DollyHeywood AODSBest Musical Production
BrianEvitaMossley AODSWinnerBest Musical Production
BrianInto the WoodsCATS Youth TheatreBest Musical Production
BrianThe Addams FamilyWhitefield AODSBest Musical Production
PeterAn Inspector CallsFarnworth Little TheatreWinnerBest Production
PeterThe Accrington PalsWhitefield GarrickBest Production
PeterOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestSummerseat PlayersBest Production
PeterYes Prime MinisterLyceum PlayersBest Production
CarlaThe Thrill Of LoveWilmslow Green Room SocietyWinnerBest Production
CarlaBroken GlassChads TheatreBest Production
CarlaConduct UnbecomingThe MARCO PlayersBest Production
CarlaOh What A Lovely WarCarver TheatreBest Production
DavidThe LadykillersThe MARCO PlayersBest Production
DavidBlackadder Goes ForthMossley AODSWinnerBest Production
DavidSerjeant Musgrave’s DanceBolton Little TheatreBest Production
DavidAccrington PalsFarnworth Little TheatreBest Production


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