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Shakers Re-Stirred (John Godber and Jane Thornton)(Studio Production) Auditions
19 Feb 24 to 01 Jan 70
Auditions - Shakers Re-stirred
by John Godber and Jane Thornton 
Director Quina Chapman
Audition date: Mon 19 Feb 2024 at 7:30pm
No. of performances: seven
Performance dates 27 – 29 Jun 2024
This is a studio production taking place in the bar lounge
Shakers is an all-female play, set in a trendy wine bar somewhere in the North of England. Through comedy, the play deals with modern culture and tackles issues of sexism, female expectations, prejudice, motherhood and job satisfaction. The play tells the story of a typical night in a wine bar (aptly named Shakers) as four waitresses; Carol, Adele, Nicky and Mel struggle through their long shift, serving demanding customers who come and go on their night out.
ADELE - Tough nonsense, been at shakers a long time
CAROL - Reserved waitress, single mother and often feels overlooked
NICKY - the youngest and most innocent waitress
MEL - The wild one, uses her sexuality to get attention.
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