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Bedroom Farce
24 Jan 24 to 27 Jan 24
19:30 to 22:00

Four couples, three bedrooms, two celebrations, one blazing row and an illicit kiss (or two) provide the ingredients for this hilarious comedy presented by the Brookdale Theatre. .
Set in London in 1975, Ayckbourn’s comic genius bursts into life with a melee of fast paced events occurring in 3 suburban bedrooms during one night. Ernest and Delia are celebrating their wedding anniversary after many years of marriage; Malcolm and Kate are gearing up to host a party in their new ‘love nest’; while Nick and Jan are trying to cope with Nick’s bad back which has left him stuck in bed.
Each couple’s relationship has its problems, but they are all tested when Trevor and Susannah arrive to share their marital issues…in their bedrooms!
Comical, touching and fast paced, Bedroom Farce is one of Ayckbourn’s funniest plays.

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