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21 Mar 23 to 25 Mar 23
19:30 to 22:00

We present a double triple bill of David Tristram's Little Grimley comedies. Originally billed as a duology, well, it's now a trilogy, but hey!... buy two get one free!!

'LAST TANGO' features the membership of the local Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society which is in trouble. It's membership has dwindled to four so it's time for dramatic action. There's only one thing that sells tickets these days, sex. But how will the locals react to the promise of a sizzling sex comedy? All will be revealed.

'LAST PANTO' is the original sequel to 'Last Tango' and features the same characters who decide that Little Grimley needs a pantomime. Oh yes they......well do they?? Will it be a success? Will it be alright on the night? What do you think?

'LOCKDOWN' is a new addition to the popular 'Little Grimley' series, which follows the further antics of the hapless Society desperate for audiences. In a time of lockdown,the Chairman, Gordon, calls an emergency meeting, complete with social distancing, to discuss his idea for their next production when restrictions ease.  This will be a touching love story set in a hospital, with all profits destined for the NHS. But based on their previous efforts, will the NHS actually end up worse off?

After the success of 'How the Other Half Loves', Hannah Boardman is back to direct a comedy evening for your enjoyment.

 All tickets are £8.00 each (no concessions)


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