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08 Mar 23 to 11 Mar 23
19:30 to 22:00

Lia’s son Adam has disappeared whilst on a world trip. His whereabouts at the time of his disappearance are not known exactly, but he may have been in Djakarta when it was bombed.
Lia is in a state of anguished limbo not knowing if Adam is dead or how he died or is possibly alive and suffering in the hands of kidnappers. Lia turns to the comforting words of a scatty spiritualist for solace. Lia’s sceptical husband Nick is concerned for his wife’s mental health. Suddenly they receive the news that their son has been found. They eagerly wait to greet their son, only to find that a young man, allegedly suffering from amnesia and scarred after an accident, comes into their lives in possession of Adam’s passport and personal possessions. Lia invites him to stay, against Nick’s wishes, hoping to learn more about Adam’s whereabouts. The young man becomes increasingly psychotic and intrusive. His erratic behaviour becomes frighteningly sinister.

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