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Dick Barton Special Agent
04 Jan 12 to 11 Jan 12
19:30 to 22:30


Woodford Community Players will be staging this play in April 2012 22nd - 28th at The Woodford Centre, Chester Road, Woodford. SK7 1PS.

Auditions will be at Woodford Church Annexe commencing at 8pm. Please visit our website for timings of the various character auditions.Director John Lomax.

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Dick Barton made his radio debut on the Light Programme in 1946 and quickly became Britain s most popular hero. For years the nation tuned in to hear the famous signature tune, Devil’s Gallop, herald another cliff-hanging adventure for the smooth, crime-busting Barton and his friends Snowy and Jock.
When a plot is uncovered that threatens to poison the entire British tea supply, there is only one man who can save the day: that clean-cut, patriotic and all round British gentleman Dick Barton! He soon finds himself wrapped up in an adventure soaked with intrigue and mystery, as he faces arch enemies Marta Heartburn and Baron Scarheart.

This exciting version is as much stiff upper lip as it is tongue in cheek. There are double entendres and wonderful musical parodies of famous British standards such as Rule Britannia and Happy Feet, G & S tunes, numbers from popular opera including Peer Gynt and Carmen and others all with really witty words.

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