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Passing Strangers AUDITION
10 Oct 19 to 10 Oct 19
18:30 to 20:30

Passing Strangers by Eric Chappell
Tuesday 28th January - Saturday 1st February 2020

'Fickle thing, memory.'
Malcolm discovers how true his words are when he takes his friend Clive to a singles’ evening. Clive, a hospital porter masquerading as a doctor, has just been left by his wife, while Malcolm is a confirmed bachelor and “big in imports” - really a market stall trader. In the deserted hotel bar, to the depressing soundtrack of the next-door ballroom, they meet two recent divorcees; upwardly-mobile Julie and cynical, defiant Liz.
Malcolm soon finds that life, like the evening, is full of surprises.
Directed by Jenny Whur - A Comedy

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