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The 2018 Theatre Supper Evenings
16 Feb 18 to 17 Feb 18
19:30 to 23:00

Our Theatre Supper Evenings will be held on February 16th and 17th 2018. We will be presenting two monologues by Alan Bennett and a play by Scott Perry all presented to you around another of our delicious suppers. Tickets are £22.50 each which includes a glass of Fizz or juice on arrival and are available from our Box Office on 0161 292 2420. A vegetarian option will be available but only at point of ticket order, we cannot just produce one on the night so to speak. Tables seat 8 if you wish to take a full table. Thank you.

A Visit from Miss Prothero by Alan Bennett ~ Widower Arthur Dodsworth has recently retired and save for his budgie he lives alone. One day, a few months after his retirement, his afternoon nap is interrupted by a visit from his former secretary, Miss Peggy Prothero. “A” level charm would most definitely not be a qualification to which Miss Peggy Prothero could aspire. Sarcastic and a kill-joy she takes no pleasure in anything but putting people down and she is on a mission to keep Arthur Dodsworth up to date with the latest goings on at the firm from which he recently retired……


Bookends by Scott Perry ~ Ron and Bill haven’t met up for three weeks – Bill has been in Scarborough, reliving his honeymoon and Ron, having escaped from his old people’s home, has been living it up on the ferry to Amsterdam. Funny and touching simultaneously, Bookends is a perceptive portrait of old age.


A Bed Among the Lentils by Alan Bennett ~ Susan is unhappy and married to a vicar whose adoring set of female parishoners only adds to Susan’s frustrations and dissatisfaction with life. Susan seeks solace in sherry and another man’s arms. The Bishop, condensed milk, Communion wine and God all have an input into Susan’s story……

Tickets £22.50 available from tel: 0161 292 2420

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