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The Playboy of the Western World
06 Apr 19 to 13 Apr 19
19:45 to 22:00

This classic Irish play from 1907 is a favourite to this day for its drama, wit and whimsy.

Christy Mahon is a young man who enters Flaherty’s, a tavern on County Mayo’s west coast. He makes an outrageous claim. Despite the villainous nature of the claim, the townsfolk – particularly the women – are enraptured by Christy’s storytelling abilities and natural charm.

When it was published, Synge’s play became both popular and reviled for its depiction of Irish characters. The lack of a moral voice, and the fact the characters are more occupied and thrilled with the controversy rather than revulsed by the would-be murderer saw many protest the play’s staging, with riots breaking out at several theatres.

Written by J M Synge

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