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Dracula (Bram Stoker, adapted by Liz Lochhead) - Audition
04 Apr 24 to 04 Apr 24

Auditions - Dracula

by Bram Stoker’s Adapted by Liz Lochhead
Directed by Keith Dalby-Oldham
Audition date: Thurs 04 Apr 2024 at 7:30pm
No. of performances: seven
Performance dates: 21 - 26 Oct 2024 (incl. Sat matinee)
Liz Lochhead's adaptation of "Dracula" is a gripping and atmospheric retelling of Bram Stoker's classic novel. The play follows the haunting tale of Count Dracula, a centuries-old vampire who travels from Transylvania to Victorian England in search of new victims and eternal life. As the mysterious deaths and disappearances escalate, a group of individuals, including the determined Professor Abraham Van Helsing, strive to uncover the truth and put an end to Dracula's reign of terror. Lochhead's adaptation skilfully captures the dark and seductive nature of the original story while infusing it with her unique poetic language and contemporary perspective, making it a compelling and chilling theatrical experience.
Florrie she is illiterate.  However she is shrewd about the ways of the world, as is shown in her conversations about women's health matters and sexual pleasure with her employers.  
Mina is everything the Victorians would expect a well brought up lady to be. One of the over-riding feelings is that of guilt: of having let Lucy down by dashing to the side of her husband.
Lucy is very attractive to the opposite sex her flirtatious nature and her refusal to take anything seriously are endearing qualities, but she also serves as a contrast to the more serious and rational Mina (her sister) 
Dracula he is a shadowy figure who sneaks in and out to bite his victims.  
Van Helsing is Dracula’s nemesis.  
Arthur Seward He is not too sympathetic a character when we watch him at his work as a doctor, treating or rather mistreating Renfield.  
Jonathon Harker is the younger son of an aristocratic family.  
Renfield dominates the play, and he is a tragic hero.  
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