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Death By Design (Rob Urbinati) - Auditions
28 Jan 24 to 28 Jan 24
Auditions - Death by Design
by Rob Urbinati
Directed by Hazel Phillips
Audition date: Sunday 28th January 2024 at 2pm
No. of performances: seven
Performance dates: 29 Apr - 03 May 2024 (incl. Sat matinee)
What happens when you mix the brilliant wit of Noël Coward with the intricate plotting of Agatha Christie? Set during a weekend in an English country manor in 1932, Death by Design is a hilarious, delightful and mysterious mash-up of two of the greatest English writers of all time. Edward Bennett, a playwright, and his wife, Sorel Bennett, an actress, flee London and head to Cookham after a disastrous opening night. But various guests arrive unexpectedly – a conservative politician, a fiery socialist, a near-sighted ingénue, a zany modern dancer – each with a long-held secret. When one of the guests is murdered, it’s left to Bridgit, the feisty Irish maid with a macabre interest in homicide, to solve the crime. 
BRIDGIT – The maid. Irish, crabby, warm-hearted. Fifties.
JACK – The chauffer. Cockney, charming, clever. Twenties.
EDWARD BENNETT – The playwright. Urbane, vain. Thirties/forties.
SOREL BENNETT – The actress. Glamorous, daffy. Thirties/forties.
WALTER PEARCE – The politician. Stiff, conservative. Thirties/forties.
ERIC – The radical. Emphatic, fiery. Twenties.
VICTORIA VAN ROTH – The Bohemian. Intense, artistic. Any age.
ALICE – The visitor. Sweet, shy. Twenties.
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