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Relatively Speaking
09 Feb 16 to 09 Feb 16
19:30 to 19:30

Performance dates  Gawsworth  30th June, 1st, 2nd July

                                    Styal            8th & 9th July.


Director John Chidgey writes about the play

Greg and Ginny are a young co-habiting couple, Ginny being the more sexually experienced. Greg finds a strange pair of slippers but is too besotted to believe they might have been left by another man (which would also explain the bunches of flowers and boxes of sweets filling Ginny’s apartment). Ginny goes off for a day in the country, supposedly to visit her parents but actually to break things off with her older married lover, Philip. Greg decides to follow her.

Philip and his befuddled wife Sheila, whose marriage is clearly under strain, are on the patio of their home in the country when Greg shows up unannounced before Ginny, and wrongly assumes that they are her parents. Greg asks for her hand from Philip, while Philip mistakenly believes that the strange young man is asking permission to marry Sheila. Once Ginny arrives, she convinces Philip to play the role of her father. Meanwhile, Greg still believes that Sheila is Ginny’s mother. The situation becomes increasingly complicated and hilarious.

It is basically a comedy of misunderstandings and mistaken identity...



  • Ginny - A young woman with a chequered past
  • Greg - Ginny's current boyfriend - similar age to Ginny
  • Philip - Ginny’s former employer and older ex-lover
  • Sheila – Philip’s wife - similar age to Philip

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