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Tommy Boy
12 Mar 16 to 19 Mar 16

Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy tells the story of a small group of people whose lives are dramatically changed by the first World War. In particular, it follows the fortunes of Tommy Barnes and his girlfriend, Rosie Carr, the barmaid at a local Salford pub. In the summer of 1914 their lives and the lives of their friends, are full of hope and promise. But when the war comes they are caught up in a chain of events which blights that promise and changes the world around them.

The play is set in the Salford pub and in a dug-out just behind the front line in France. Despite the inevitable tragic undertones, Ted Willis captures the magic humour in adversity and he includes many of the old war-time songs which so vividly reflect those traumatic days.

The play was first staged as part of the 1988 Malvern Literary Festival to coincide with 70 years after the end of WW1, and then toured professionally to eight regional theatres. This is the first time it has been performed in the amateur theatre.

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