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The Steamie
05 Dec 15 to 12 Dec 15

Poster for The Syteamie

It's Hogmanay. In that great Victorian institution, the Steamie, four women set about getting their heavy loads of washing done in time for the bells. Amongst the heat and the suds, Mrs Culfeathers, Dolly, Doreen and the irrepressible Magrit swap tales of menfolk, memories and mince, as they wring sheets dry over sinks and scrub the dirt from their husbands’ overalls with ferocity, dedication . . . and a wicked sense of humour.

As they gossip, laugh, sing and cry together - both hindered and helped by the Steamie's ubiquitous handy man, Andy - the quartet conjure up a poignant, hilarious cameo of life in 1950s Glasgow, when community was everything. They're oor pals . . .


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