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It's A Wonderful Life
19 Jun 18 to 19 Jun 18
19:30 to 21:30

The play follows the life of George Bailey from age 12 in year 1919 through his early college years into getting married to Mary Hatch and having 4 children.

His father has a building & loan business and on his death it passes down to George even though that stops George going to university. The business is run for the benefit of the local folk who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a mortgage. Much to the annoyance of businessman Potter who tries his hardest to close down the Bailey company.

When George in desperation decides to commit suicide his guardian angel, Clarence, takes matters into his own hands.

This is a truly spirit-lifting play that could only be performed around Christmas time.

It is written for 70 characters but with exception of the main Bailey family and certain others such as Rotter Potter, we can keep the action of this play running fluently by giving each player at least 3 characters. Some are small character parts but this is a tremendous opportunity for everyone to be on stage and show off their acting prowess.

I have managed to reduce the 70 characters to 26. That is still a massive number when we sometimes cannot cast a typical play.

The 4 children play their parents at same age then become the children. Great chance for aspiring youth actors.

Unlike the film the angels are on stage almost the whole play. These are great parts.

George Bailey has as you would expect the central role.

Clarence is as they say “a part to die for”


Frankie - a More Senior Angel – any age
Jo - a Senior Angel – any age
Clarence- Low-Ranking Angel - 50+
George Bailey - The Protagonist - 30's
Mrs. Bailey - George's Mother - 50+
Uncle Billy - George's Uncle - 45+
Cousin Tilly/Eustace - George's Cousin – any age
Mary (nee Hatch) - George's Wife - 30's
Pete/Young George - Oldest Child - 12
Janie/Young Mary - Oldest Daughter - 10
Zuzu/Young Violet - Youngest Daughter - 9
Tommy/Young Harry - Youngest Child – 8
Annie - Maid to Ma & Pop Bailey - any
Harry Bailey - George's Kid Brother - late 20's
Violet Bick - Attractive - same age as Mary - 30
Mr. Potter - Crawley Morley - 50+
Pop Bailey/ Bert - Georges' Dad/Cop - 40
Ernie - a Cabbie - 30+
Mr. Gower / Martini - Drug Store/ Bar Owner - 45+
Ruth Bailey (nee Dakin) - Harry's Wife – same age as Harry
Sam Wainwright - George's Classmate - 30's
Marty Hatch - Mary's Brother – same age as George
Mrs. Hatch - Mary's Mother - 50+
Mr. Partridge - High School Principal - 45+
Freddie - an Appealing Young Man - 20-30's
Mickey - a Troublemaker - 20-30's

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