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"The Haunting of Hill House"
17 Aug 17 to 17 Aug 17
19:30 to 22:00

First audition for "The Haunting of Hill House"  from a novel by Shirley Jackson.

This is a psychological ghost story set in a spooky mansion.6 people from different backgrounds come together at Hill House to investigate paranormal happenings - with the inevitable tragic outcome.

The characters are-

Dr. Montague -   investigator in the physic & para-physic strong leader until his wife arrives.  any age   40s upwards

Luke -     relation of the current house owner.  Light hearted, chatty.       age -  late 20s - late 30s

Elinor  -    introvert. spinster . physic.  somewhat downtrodden by her past.    age-   30 - 50

Theodora -  can seem strange.  outgoing.  extrovert.  age  30 - 50

Mrs.Dudley  -   housekeeper.  grumpy. sadly, not a very big part.    age - 50 - 70

Mrs.Montague  -   bitchy Madam Arcati.  overbearing. takes over, but knows nothing.     age- to match her husband.

Arthur  - Mrs. Montague’s ‘friend’ and driver.  headmaster.  age -  late 40 - 60

Rehearsals Tuesday’s & Thursdays.  Starting early September. Stage rehearsals at St. Werburgh’s -                                   Friday 10th November.   7-30pm                                         Sunday 12th November, 1pm - 5pm                                    Tuesday 14th November   7-30                                              Dress Rehearsal  Wednesday 15th November 7-30pm             Playing Thursday 16th, Friday 17th, Saturday 18th November.  Curtain up 7-30pm.

Interested, but can't make the audition?  Contact the Hon. Sec.  we'll keep you informed.

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