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Steel Magnolias
13 Jul 17 to 13 Jul 17
19:30 to 21:00

Steel Magnolias directed by Mandy Mallinson
Play dates are 20-25th November 2017
Rehearsal nights are Mon, Wed and Fridays.

All woman cast, strong actresses with good range of emotions needed. Also all to have good (preferably southern) American accents...Not via Oldham/Ashton etc.
The women in this play are witty, intelligent, and above all, REAL people. They are in no way shape or form to be portrayed as cartoons or caricatures.
Set: 1985-1987.

Truvy: 38- 45 owner of the beauty shop/hair salon. Heart of gold, knows her clients all as friends....Good actress needed as the lynch pin to the play.
Annelle: 18-23 - beauty shop assistant. This character develops a great deal over the 2 years of the play, from a weed to a rose.
Clairee: 55 plus - wealthy widow of the former mayor. Sports fanatic. Supporter of underdogs. Grande Dame
Shelby: 21-28- prettiest girl in town; chronic diabetic, big range of emotion needed.
M'Lynn: 42-50 - Shelby's mother. Socially prominent. Business woman. Runs home & family with efficiency, needs experienced actress to get the subtleties of the script.
Ouiser: 55 plus:- wealthy curmudgeon. Acerbic but loveable. Hates everyone & thing but will fight like a tiger for them!


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