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And Then There Were None
06 Sep 16 to 06 Sep 16
19:30 to 22:00

"And Then There Were None"

Agatha Chrystie"s Murder Mystery

Two male characters not cast

Lombard -  ex-army captain, branded a coward.  Can be jokey and then serious by turns.  Is the love interest and anti-hero.   Age between 35 and 50

Dr Armstrong - killed patient while operating drunk.  Changed from surgery to nervous ailment treatment.  Pompous at times.   Age  50 to 70 [could be played as female]

Performance dates 10-12 November

Readings:  7-30pm on 6th & 8th Sept at The Lloyds, Wilbraham Rd. Chorlton M21 9AN
Rehearsals most Tuesdays & Thursdays starting 13th Sept.

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