GMDF Members’ Stuff

The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be Weds 29th August 8pm at Mossley AODS’ Studios OL5 9RR. Formal notice of AGM is here and the Nomination Form is here

GMDF Members, are your society details up to date? Please let us know if not by completing a data update form.Thank you.

Diary Dates section for entering up your production and audition dates.

Help with adding / editing a production or venue.

GMDF Members’ Directory a directory for GMDF Member Societies’ members

Help with the Directory adding / editing your details into the GMDF Directory

GMDF Classifieds this is where to go when you have items for sale or you need cast, props etc

Full Length Festival 2018 – 19 entry forms are here:  Preliminary entry form and the FLF entry form proper

Full Length Festival Rules          All things Licence (You must obtain a licence to perform)        Duration of Copyright

One Act Play Festival 2018 forms are here:  Preliminary entry form and rules and the Full entry form (ABC)

Cues!. Send us your information for entry into Cues!

The GMDF’ Constitution is here.

The GMDF Privacy Policy is here

Link Back to GMDF

Small Squeare GMDF LogoGMDF always appreciates a link back. If you wish to do this, please right click on this image and save it to your website. Thank you.






The GMDF Governing Constitution is here.

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