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Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton
01 Mar 19 to 09 Mar 19
19:45 to 22:00

Bella Manningham suffers from what she believes are the early stages of insanity. Her husband, Jack struggles to help her and spends his evenings out on the town in order to cope.  Or so he makes her believe.  Then late one evening, a stranger comes to the house while Jack is out and explains he is there to help Mrs Manningham.  Who is this man and what secrets does he know, is Bella truly going mad?

By arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

Where to buy tickets:
Our booking agency - Hollins of Marple is opposite the ASDA Shopping Centre's car park exit on Hollins Lane, Marple, Tel: 0161 449 8363. They are open 7 days a week. Tickets can be bought in person or over the telephone using card payment. Tickets bought by telephone can be collected from the box office prior to the show.

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