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A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller
13 Jul 17 to 13 Jul 17
19:30 to 21:00

Cast of 6m, 2f

Eddie Carbone - Middle aged longshoreman. Stubborn, a good man. Over protective and improperly obsessed with his niece.

Beatrice Carbone (Eddies wife) - Middle aged. Loyal to Eddie but speaks her mind.

Catherine (Eddie and Beatrice's young orphaned niece) - Sweet and pretty. 17years old.

Alfieri (Lawyer) - Middle aged. Italian born. American accent. At times a narrator to the audience.

Marco (Italian Sicilian. Illegal immigrant, cousin of Beatrice) - Quiet and hard working. Very strong physically.

Rodolpho (Italian Sicilian. Marco's young brother) - Blond hair. Good looking. Artistic sensitivity.

2 x Immigration Officers, and Mr Lipari (very small roles)


Directed by John O'Connell 


For any further information, please contact the director at john.francisco@hotmail.co.uk 

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