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Dick Barton - Special Agent by Phil Wilmott
11 Nov 17 to 18 Nov 17
19:30 to 22:00

Dick Barton - Special Agent is a hilarious homage to the radio serial from the 1940's.

When Britain's entire tea supply is threatened to be poisened, our hero finds himself wrapped up in an adventure soaked with intrigue and mystery featuring all sorts of dastardly foes. These include temtress Marta Heartburn and the evil Baron Scarheart - all the while finding time to sing a few songs along the way. Will Dick save the day and get home in time for supper? You'll have to come and find out!

The cast includes - our hero Dick Barton; his side kick Jock; our femme fatale Marta Heartburn; our villain Baron Scarheart, our heroine Daphne Fritters and her father Sir Stan Fritters, plus over 14 other characters played by a madly busy cast of about 4.


Directed by Andrew Close

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